Thursday, 28 March 2013

More 8.5 leaks - stats of the Leopard, Aufklarungpanzer panther and the soviet light tanks

Well you wanted Leopard 1? Here, catch! By the looks of it, arty is already drooling at the prospects of another paper tank. Its going to be faster than the E50M, more agile, and gasp - a better sniper as it seems, but unless the gun shield works as intended, expect results equal to the FV4202, great on paper - but only on paper. Oh and we get HEAT as prem rounds, not HESH.

The new soviet light tanks offer nothing really interesting. It seems at least the T-60 is quite well armored for its tier, the rest though are average.

The second most cried about german tank to be included in the game on the forums - the aufklarung panzer panther, or the schwere Leopard or whatever you want to call it - well you got it and its as bad as you can expect. A tier 7 Panzer IV-V with the koniche. The first tank in the game that has to rely on ramming as a main weapon, not a tactic of opportunity.

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