Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Some more light on the M60 Patton, VK7201 and the Object 907

Yesterday, the following was posted by EU forum's community manager - supercharge


"Dear All,

Recently, we have heard many rumors about Tier X premium vehicles. It's quite interesting to read players analysis and find out more about possible parameters of these tanks.
I would, however, like to clarify a few things before it will go any further.

These vehicles are not premium tanks and therefore players will not able to purchase them from the in-game store or gift shop. Also, these vehicles cannot be researched and they won't be included in any branch or Tech Tree.

These tanks are made as a part of special high-level content, on which we are currently working. They will be comparable with other Tier X tanks of their types.
Unfortunately, we cannot share any more details. Please, wait for an official announcement. Thank you!

Special 'hello' to conspiracy theories fans!  :smile:

Kind regards,

This was followed by the leaked screenshots of the above mentioned tanks. I believe we can put some thought in the version that it is meant as high end rewards for contests and Clan Wars, something that was, let's be reasonable here, lacking in the Clan Wars. The gold earned is hardly sufficient and only a handful of mastodonts actually earn from it, the rest get scraps. This might put some more intrigue in it. Notice the bit saying - comparable to other tier X, that means those tanks won't be lacking in some department or another, like premium tanks. So - extra tier X tanks as rewards? What do you think? 


  1. so, T10 tanks that are better than other t10 tanks( well they're better than mouse, pretty sure...) and only a few people have a chance of getting it?

    i wonder how they think this is gonna be fair.

  2. Dude, Wargaming and thinking - thats two things that do not mix together very often.