Saturday, 2 March 2013

Supertest leak the Indienpanzer

It may not look like much, but looks are often deceiving. This is a leak of the new  Indienpanzer, as part of the 2nd German med tank tree.

It should be a tier 8 tank, starting from the DB, probably leading to Leopard prototype as tier 9 and Leopard 1 as T10 meduim.

It seems to be sporting a version of the lowe turm, a big mantle piece(though it does not seem as thick as the original). The gun looks rather thin, probably under 105mm. The armor is supposedly weak, however the frontal slope looks like 68 degrees to me, which means more than doubled value of the actual armor. The tank is supposed to have an ungodly engine too.

I'd say a tank not too different from the DB - it will be faster and with  a bit more bouncy bits than Panther II (the turret and frontal slope would see to that) but with a weaker fast firing gun(so no long 88).

A new tier 8 german flanker?



  1. "but with a weaker fast firing gun(so no long 88)."

    the long 90 should perform just as well as the long 88.

  2. Oh I would not say that...See those extra 30mm of penetration mean a lot. Panther II can regularly penetrate IS 3 UFP. Can a Pershing do the same? Nope.

  3. Indienpanzer? A hipster tank?

  4. Actually it was meant for export to India, thus the name.