Monday, 1 April 2013

Wot 8.5 Indienpanzer stats leak and HD screenshots

Its a beauty isn't it? Look at those curves! After so many angular boxy tanks, finally a time comes in a man's life when he wants something with curves.And well, that time is now, because I do want that tank in my garage.

Right then, on topic - what can we discern about the Indienpanzer? Superior armor to the Panther II, better gun, LESS health, probably more mobile, but until we get the test server and full module list, one can't be sure. Right now an elite panther II has a bit more power to weight ratio. Panther II will also get a bit more view range - it seems there is no 2nd turret for the Indienpanzer. Cammo value is unknown. What I'm thinking of right now is the french FCM 50t tank. The Indienpanzer will likely have abilities and playstyle very similar to it, right down to the identical gun.  Good armor slope, however, if combined with gun depression can give us our first german hill fighter, capable of outdoing the american meds at their job. We will see soon enough. Test server should arrive in a few days.

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