Friday, 22 March 2013

Supertest leak VK7201 Lowe in HD

HD screenshots of the a number of tanks leaked from the supertest. Its nothing we don't know of already, they are just in HD. Anyway - here's one of the freshly dubbed FailLowe.

Now, what can we discern from the screenshot?

First one seems to be the classic Lowe Turm - same mantlet, minor cosmetic differences. Gun does look like the 150mm KWK. The Turm might be buffed a bit in terms of armor, can't know that yet. Its not a 100% copy paste though, the shape seems a bit different in HD.

Looking down, we can spot differences of more obvious maneer. The turret has an armored collar, similar to the one the Maus has infront of th engine grills. The difference, is that this collar protects the lower turret front and looks considerably thicker.- at least 100mm.  Looking up though, there are a number of bumps - hatches for the crew most likely that might be a penetrable target, same as the similar hatch on the E-100. Gun depression would probably be...depressing. With a rear mounted turret and a collar for it, I expect no more than 3-4% tops.

The frontal armor seems improved. The slope is increased, can't say how much and how thick it is. If it will be any good at tier 10, we can't say until we see the numbers. The beak seems to have an extra plate wielded on. Its probably about 250mm thick, similar to the FV215.

A noticeable lack of side skirts of any sort, means that arty will have a field day with it, and anyone with a decent gun will do damage to the flanks. Sidescrapping might not work as advertised despite the rear mounted turret.

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