Saturday, 2 March 2013

Supertest leak the M60 Patton

Oh, sorry I meant the 105 mm Gun Full Tracked Combat Tank M60.

Well then, at least for this one there can be less speculation than the german paper prototypes.

What can we expect from the M60?

You will get the same top speed of 48kmph, and pivot turning.
The real one had a 750 hp Continental engine (15hp/per ton), I imagine a chance of fire 20% like the other continental engines ingame. M68 gun which we already know and love. Gun depressin and elevation at + 19 -9 which is quite good.

The turret - gun mantlet is 110mm with 180mm front armor which creates a decent hard spot of 290mm armor. where they overlap...which is about 3/4s of the turret front. The rest however, will barely protect you from T8 heavy tanks.

I'm not sure what step will the devs take with this tank since while it was a significant improvement in the real world, in World of tanks, the M48 Patton already offers much of the same - namely the M68 gun, a bigger engine, and allmost the same armor.

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