Saturday, 17 August 2013

World of tanks patch 8.8 notes

0.8.8 patch notes
- new Soviet medium branch added: A-43 (T6, starting from T-34), A-44 (T7), Object 416 (T8), Object 140 (T10)
- VK3001H moved to tier 5 and redesignated as a heavy
- VK3601 redesignated as a heavy
- added new German vehicles: T4 – Durchbruchswagen 2, T6 – VK3002M
- added for supertesters only: tier 6 Type 64 light tank, tier 5 Chi-Nu Kai medium tank, tier 7 T-44-85 and tier 7 T-44-122
- added two new Chinese premium tanks into store: 112 and T-34-3

- Superpershing rebalance (changed the frontal armor), added the possibility to sell it for gold, SP returns to the shop
- Chinese tanks: the penetration of gold HEAT shell Po-471 (122mm) lowered from 300 to 250
- rebalanced the engines and general parameters of tanks E-50, E-75, Jagdpanther, Jagdpanther II, Jagdtiger, Panther II, Panther, Tiger, Tiger II, VK 28.01
- rebalanced Soviet 100mm guns (LB-1, D-10T, D-10S, LB-1S – increased alpha, decreased rate of fire)
- added new Soviet map “Tundra”, 800x800m, stone/wood terrain
- return of the map Serene Coast and Komarin (both heavily reworked), Swamp (slightly reworked)
- added encounter to Mountain Pass

- greatly improved the functionality of “quests”, added ingame interface with current active quests and their status
- added special protection from accidental sales of tanks and crewmembers
- significantly improved the FXAA antialiasing
- completely reworked the player statistics and achievements interface page, changed the player rating
- added national voiceovers
- fixed some of the MM problems, that emerged in 0.8.6 and continued thru 0.8.7
- returned the “Iosef Stalin, Stalinec, For Stalin” inscriptions
- aiming UI improved: added reloading time indicator in seconds, added new aiming reticle (a dot)
- improved torsion bars (all types of this equipment) will reduce damage taken by the suspension and the tank itself from falling and collisions
- when losing a battle, players, that recieve a “battle hero” award, epic achievement or platoon achievement, will recieve as much XP, as if they actually won (1,5x)
- fixed bugs and made improvements within the game tutorial

It seems there will be more reward tanks coming on. Oh and 8.9 will likely bring us the first true japanese tank. So far so good. Many of the items listed are nice to have.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

World of tanks patch 8.8 New soviet line

It seems WG is trying to push out content at a suitable pace.

Well then, it was known for quite a while that 8.8 will bring us more Soviet tanks.

First one at Tier 6 will be the A-43. I suspect something similar to the T-34-85 but with 60mm UFP.  The MG tumor on top however, might be quite a liability.

 A-44 is a med tank with a rear turret(!)  as Tier 7.  Again - MG tumor on the turret. However, there is a fairly large dual MG port on the hull that will surely cause problems too. Ok now some good news - the turret on the screenshot is likely, not the top one. Oh, and we might get the 107mm Zis gun on this one.  Decent top speed - about 50 kmph, but until we see the specs its all speculation.

Now the real funmobile of the bunch (at least for me) Object 416 - basically a tier 8 ELC AMX armed with the D10-T gun. Its a bit bigger and slower but we get a rotating turret! Hooray!

Well... least interesting of the bunch - the Object 140. Its yet another UFO tank, nothing to see here. Likely to be armed with a 105mm gun so that its different from T62A. Apart from that nothing innovative to see here.