Tuesday, 5 March 2013

RU server statistic of the british tank destroyers.

A week later and the first stats of the new british tank destroyers were released for the russian server.

The initial results are...interesting to say the least. As it seems the FV215(b) 183 is not the beast of armageddon - the average win rate is only 50% which is hardly impressive for a newly released tier 10. The Fv215 hull which has already shown itself as a rather poor gun platform on the FV215 heavy tank does the same for its tank destroyer version. Things change when you look down the line though. The slow pokes are taking names with ease. The AT series, starting from the AT2 all the way up to the Tortoise lives up and even above expectations. It seems the heavy armor scary DPM and high health of the new tank destroyers is a bigger bite than most can chew, especially on mid and mid-high tiers where accurate guns are still quite rare and the weak points of the new TDs are not so easy to hit as people thought initially. In contrast to that - the Churchill gun carrier, Alecto, valentine AT and Universal carrier 2pdr are alll in the acceptable 50% win ratio - its the moving bunkers that break the mold.

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