Tuesday, 1 July 2014

0.9.2 Supertest patchnotes

French tank changes
- AMX50B: gun aim time buffed from 3s to 2,5s
German tank changes
Aufklärungspanzer Panther
- reload time of 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 for turret VK 28.01 Ausf. C buffed from 4s to 3,4s
- aim time for 9 cm Bordkanone buffed from 2,9 s to 2,7 s
- reload time for the same gun buffed from 7,5 s to 7,2 s
Leopard 1
- 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9 s to 8,7 s

Leopard Prototype A
- reload time for the 105mm gun in stock turret buffed from 14 s to 13 s
- aim time for 9cm Bordkanone in stock turret buffed from 2,9 s to 2,5 s
- reload time for the 105mm gun in elite turret buffed from 12 s to 11,1 s
RhB Waffentrager
- 128mm gun reload time nerfed from 10,9 secs to 11,15 secs
Stug Ausf.G
- carrying capacity of both tracks increased by cca 3 tons
- vehicle became 3,14 tons heavier (SS: this is unclear)
WT E-100
- gun accuracy spread from moving and turning the hull nerfed by 25 percent
- 128mm gun lost 1 shell in the autoloader, reload time of the 128mm autoloader buffed from 60 s to 52 s
- reload time for 128mm L/61 nerfed from 10,9 s to 11,6 s
- reload time for 128mm L/55 nerfed from 10 s to 10,6 s
- reload time for 150mm L/29,5 nerfed from 16 s to 17 s
- reload time for 150mm L/38 nerfed from 16 s  to 17 s
Japanese tank changes
- repair costs of Type 97 Te-Ke reduced by 5 percent
British tank changes
- 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm
- FV4202 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9,3 s to 8,6 s
American tank changes
- M46 Patton aim spread from moving and turning the hull reduced (buffed) by 7 percent for stock suspension, 8 percent for elite one
- 105mm T5E1M2 accuracy buffed from 0,42 to 0,4
- 105mm T5E1M2 gun spread from turning the turret reduced (buffed) by 14 percent for stock turret, 17 percent for elite turret
Soviet tank changes
- Object 263′s 130mm S-70A reload time buffed from 11s to 10,7s
- SU-100M1: LB-1S gun reload time buffed from 6,9s to 5,9s
- SU-101: D-54S gun reload time buffed from 7,1s to 6,7s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: D-54S reload time buffed from 6,8s to 6,5s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: 122mm M62-S2 reload time buffed from 10s to 9,2s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- T-44 – LB-1 reload time for turret T-44-100 buffed from 8,6s to 8,1s
Other changes

- added “Stronkhold” clan mode
- reworked following maps: Sacred Valley, Cliff, Sand River, Hidden Village, Erlenberg, El-Halluf, Airport, Komarin
- added new reworked Prokhorovka map
- reworked the snowstorm effect on Kharkov map
- fixed the bug on Pearl River map where a tank is launched into the sky by interacting with some objects
- fixed the bug where windows on Abbey and Kharkov map buildings flicker
- reworked the collision models of some broken windows on Kharkov map, now they can be shot through
- fixed the collision model of bridge arcs on the Windstorm map
- fixed the red/green line in artillery mode, now it will be displayed as red if the line of fire is crossed by another tank
- fixed the bug where the autoaim got stuck in replays
- fixed the bug where the tanks on sloped surfaces “twitched”
- added 6 new medals for Team Battles
- reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD (SS: Storm states that this was actually wrongly written in patchnotes – HD model tanks other than your own will still use HD textures, but with reduced (halved) resolution)
- added balance corrections for many tanks

Thursday, 22 May 2014

Patch notes 9.1

Changes betwen version 9.1 Public Test 1 and version 9.0

  • New Kharkiv map added.
  • Improvements and corrections added to the following maps: Arctic Region, Tundra, Komarin, Windstorm, and Northwest.
  • Appearance frequency of Ruinberg on Fire map has been decreased
  • Added new historical battles: Bryansk front (USSR 1942) and Siege of Tobruk (North Africa 1942)
  • Removed two previous historical battles: “Battle of Kursk” and “Battle of the Bulge”
  • Minor visual problems with textures and patterns in a large number of vehicles fixed.
  • Minor visual problems with textures and patterns for certain objects on maps fixed.
  • Fixed minor mistakes in the Valentine II and Pz. Kpfw 38 (t) models
  • Effects of exhaust gases for all vehicles reworked.
  • Emblem location on certain vehicles fixed.
  • Vehicle explosion effect changed.
  • Display of Marks (rings, stars, etc. depending on the nation) on guns added for damage caused.
  • Functionality of a blown-off turret “slipping” from tank hull added.
  • Collision of a blown-off tank turret with surface now depends on the surface type.
  • Five new awards introduced for SPGs: Rock Solid, For Counter-Battery Fire, Gore’s Medal, Cold-Blooded, and Stark’s Medal.
  • New awards added in Team Battles: Fire and Steel, Heavy Fire, Pyromaniac, Promising Fighter, No Man's Land. 
  • Conditions for Billotte's Medal, Bruno's Medal, and Tarczay's Medal clarified.
  • The Operation Nostalgia award moved from the Commemorative Tokens category to the Special category.
  • Conditions for the Armored Fist award changed: it is now granted even if the player’s vehicle was destroyed.
  • Fixed awards condition for ‘Tactical Genius’ achievement that might not have been credited before in a case when users fulfilled the awards conditions.
  • Version of FMOD sound library updated.
  • Gunfire sounds completely reworked for testing purposes.
  • Sound effect of gun’s resonance when firing added (when firing is observed from the side of the gun).
  • Gunfire sound muting added in Sniper mode (from the turret).
  • Different tonal characteristics added to gunfire sounds, depending on the side from which gun-firing is heard (front or back of the gun, etc.).
  • Sounds of turret traverse and after-firing shell cartridge ejection added in Sniper mode or at maximum zoom of the camera to the turret.
  • For testing purposes, engine and suspension sound patterns for the U.S. M18 Hellcat and M36 Jackson tank destroyers completely reworked.
  • Reach of sound distance increased from 300m to 600m
  • Reworked tracer sounds
  • Reworked sounds of destroying vehicles according to players’ feedback
  • Online/offline status of a friend in the chat will now be displayed correctly regardless of which server the friend is using.
  • Maximum number of characters in chat messages in the Garage increased to 512.
  • In the Summary tab of the Achievements window, the clan icon and the date when the player joined the clan are now displayed.
  • Corrections and improvements affecting interface in Team Battles implemented. 
  • Display of the time period for Historical Battles added.
  • Dialog windows for confirming changes in Graphics settings changed.
  • In Tank Company Battles, it is no longer possible to start a battle without a Commander.
  • Display order of parameters in the Summary tab of the Achievements window changed.
  • The Gametrix JetSeat settings section moved from the General tab to a new settings tab. 
  • License agreement is now displayed after login, before loading the Garage. 
  • The Dynamic FoV option added.
  • Certain settings in the Graphics tab rearranged.
  • Start time for display of tracer effects changed.
  • Crew members can be trained for skills and perks even if the vehicle is damaged. 
  • Quality of basic Emblems for nations improved.
  • Certain game client crashes and hang-ups fixed.
  • “Shaking” of tracks when switching between HD vehicles in the Garage fixed.
  • Certain bugs and defects in the Graphics settings window fixed. 
  • Fixed issue with excessive load on video card when game client is minimized.
  • Certain bugs during battle playback fixed.
  • Certain bugs in the missions interface fixed.
  • Issue when in certain casesricochet effect was displayed on penetrating armor fixed.
  • Vehicle burning effects optimised for better performance.
  • Fixed the bug that caused equipment mounted on a vehicle to be displayed in a random order in battles. 
  • Fixed incorrect displaying of tracers (some of them might fly through a vehicle before fix implementation) 
  • Fixed some issues with camera movements in the arcade mode

Vehicle changes:

  • Upper limit for the range of battles for Tiers IV to VII light tanks reduced.
  • Afterfire visibility factor for all tank destroyers (except Premium) aligned (mainly increased) with the factors for the same guns on other types of vehicles.
  • Damage with UBR-354KA shell fired by 76 mm L-10, L-10U, L-10S, and KT-28 guns changed from 105 to 110 (a bug with Premium shell dealing 5 points more damage than ordinary shells fixed).
VK 28.01:

  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 suspension on solid terrain increased by 20%. 
  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 suspension on medium terrain increased by 18%. 
  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 suspension on soft terrain increased by 10%. 
  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 verstarkteketten suspension on solid terrain increased by 22%. 
  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 verstarkteketten suspension on medium terrain increased by 20%. 
  • Crossing capacity for VK 28.01 verstarkteketten suspension on soft terrain increased by 11%. 
  • Maximum forward speed changed from 60 km/h to 68 km/h.
M4 Sherman:
  • Aiming time for 105 mm M4 gun changed from 2.3 sec. to 2.5 sec. 
  • Reload time for 105 mm M4 gun changed from 8 sec. to 9 sec.
  • Two upper battle levels removed.
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 suspension on solid terrain increased by 12%. 
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 suspension on medium terrain increased by 11%. 
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 suspension on soft terrain increased by 6%. 
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 reinforced suspension on solid terrain increased 14%. 
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 reinforced suspension on medium terrain increased by 12%. 
  • Crossing capacity for MT-25 reinforced suspension on soft terrain increased by 6%. 
  • V-16 engine (600 h.p.) replaced with V-16M engine (700 h.p.).

Well the Fat Leo and MT-25 buffs are well and good. Toubruk however? With no Italians? Oh come ooooon!

Well New Map is well and good, the Damage marks is nice too actually ^^ Buuuuut no new tanks, well maybe except some reward tanks available to super testers that we don't know about....

Monday, 19 May 2014

Wot funnies 16

Patch notes for 9.1:
"Poor grammar" will be added as option to the automated Complains reporting system.

The turret of the M3 Lee comes into play only when you ammo-rack it.

Arty destroys the last enemy heavy tank with his last round. He starts running from the surviving enemy med tank(who's been idle the whole game). The med tank catches up and starts doing circles around him. Eventually the med starts ramming the arty, killing him slowly.
- Pervert! - says the arty
- Nah, forgot to buy ammo! - says the med. tank

Sunday, 18 May 2014

From one disaster to another - Nation vs Nation and historical battle mode

It seems Wargaming just can't get it right.
First it was the Nation vs Nation mode - a bit fun until you realize that its all Hellcats, KV1Ss and various other one-type-of-vehicle-only teams. Which obviously made it quite one sided in certain cases.

Aaand now Historical mode. On paper - Hell, its about time.
In reality - the same damn problem. Case in point - I've been unable to play historical battle mode since it was released. There's barely any interest it in it seems. I mean - there are like 5 guys in the queue and they are all sitting in King Tigers, waiting for the Ardene operation or lake Ballaton. See the problem here? There isn't much incentive for players to go with allied/soviet vehicles only to get curbstomped. There is a limit on how well you can do in your tier 6 tanks versus tier 7 and 8. While you could outmaneuver and maybe win versus a tier 7 Panther if you had an elite Hellcat, good luck doing it with just 76/75mm guns! Aaaand you can forget going after the King Tigers. He only needs to be lucky once. You need to be lucky 5-6 times to do some damage and make him retreat.

I will be trying to get into it again soon, right now I'm busy with War Thunder Ground forces. Its good comparison honestly....

War thunder tanks

Sooo I've been playing War Thunder ground forces....gotta admit I like it a lot. There are no invisible tanks, You fight at proper tank combat ranges, the tanks themselves feel much better.

Also - since its all about penetrating hits and not about hit points, you stand a decent chance of killing something big with something small. I mean - let's be reasonable - only ways for you to nail a 2-3 tiers bigger tank in World of Tanks are kill stealing. In War Thunder its doable. Yes, it takes luck and tactics and a little bit of daring but your dinky panzer III can take out a King Tiger on its own.

The way artillery works could use some fixing - especially the time delay - its too short. its a great way to remove campers though and you need to get close to be able to deliver a precise strike.

Paper model Tetrarch

Long time no see. Had personal problems.

Anyway - next paper model - the prem lend lease Tetrarch.

Have fun making it!


Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New paper model - Hetzer!

This time we get not one, but two versions. One is the ordinary Grey hetzer that we know and love from World of tanks. The other bears the camo scheme of the Hetzer from Girls und Panzer. There are also crew figures too. You will probably have to edit the pdf if you don't want to print all of it. 

Wot Funnies 15 - semi gif edition

Nation vs Nation on Monastery map - USSR vs France
French team - 1 AMX50B, 10 batchats, 1 batchat 155 and 3x AMX48
- Whoa a whole band of drummers!
- Wait what about the 48s?
other team - Bas guitars.
 New medal - Defiant
Given for 20 battles on a notebook when the wife takes away your mouse.
New medal - Indomitable
Given for 100 battles on your mouse once the wife takes away your notebook.

Playing platoon with 2 buddies. 3 AM, in the middle of the night. Suddenly the E-100 cries in the TC
-Help*cough* help!
me- What is it?
friend 2- Nothing on map, arty?
E-100- Guys Help!*Cough*
Our batchats swing around the map and find his E-100 alone, rammed in a rock
me - Dude, what is it?
E-100 - Help! *cough* My wife is choking me!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Patch notes 9.0

- new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)
- fixed maps: Malinovka, Serene Coast, Steppes, Redshire, Mountain Pass
- added historical battles
- removed the “confrontation” mode I guess that was to be expected.
- added new window of graphic settings
- added the dynamic resolution option (reduction of game resolution while keeping the UI resolution the same)
- added the possibility to manually set your FOV in settings
- added the option to set the “power” (intensity) of color filters
- added turrets being ripped off after ammo rack explosion
- reworked tank exhausts (smoke) effect
- added the keyboard language indicator on the login screen
- added new awards (medals) for team battles: “Recon by combat”, “God of War”, “For the Will to Win”, “Decisive Shot”, “For Tactical Operations”
- fixed some bugs and added improvements in the “Vehicles” section of the Achievement window
- reworked the “Statistics” section in the Achievements window
- changed the wording of the Steel Wall award
- Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed

- maximum forward speed changed from 38,6 to 56 km/h
- maximum reverse speed changed from 16 to 20 km/h
- ammo carried from 1100 to 1350 rounds
- rate of fire from 450 to 550 RPM
- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 22 to 27mm


- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 25 to 27mm

- term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”
- fixed bugs in voice chat
- fixed the bug where the aim circle was displayed incorrectly in replays
- fixed the bug where artillery shells fell outside of the aiming circle in arty mode
- fixed the bug where artillery shells exploded in mid-air
- fixed freezing of the account when quitting the game

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Paper model IS 7

Now there are enough paper tier 10 tanks to make a diorama or two.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Less time to play - less time to update

Anyway - patch 8.11 is out and it brings a ton of issues, rather than a ton of content. Wargaming keeps giving us bait for 9.0 - Panzer IV buffed with skirts, a tier 4 stug...you know - stuff we know and like.

Personally i'd say the lag on EU servers should be priority numero uno buuuut who am I to argue with big WG?

Once I can find the time I will update more regularly.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Supertest leak for 9.0 - Panzer IV ausf D

 So in 9.0 we will have 4 versions of panzer IV(5 if we count the hydro) - normal Panzer IV, Shmallturm Panzer IV, Panzer IV ausf A on tier 3 and Panzer IV ausf D on tier 4. I kinda expected this honestly once I saw the Ausf A.

Anyway - armor is weak as you can guess.

Stats fail to impress too, but they are not bad either. It will be good in capable hands, just keep away from enemy HE shells.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Supertest leak - panzer IV Ausf A

Not exactly unexpected I guess - Panzer IV could be split with ease to make for more vehicles. Not that the family is small at the moment anyway, though its lacking a tier 4 version...though they could introduce say ausf B for that too!

Of course, its nothing impressive - actually the grosstraktor could very well be superior to it ingame.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

8.11 supertest vehicle stats

Here are the armor schematics and soft stats for the new prem tanks in supertester hands.

First the grobtraktor - tier 3 german heavy. Alas - it will be tier 3

Yep - food for MG tanks and well, anyone who can fire HE shells.
 On the other hand - decent mobility, high health - 320, and 75mm L/24 which can deliver some HE pain on its own, especially when combined with low aim time - 2.1 seconds and 12 degrees of gun depression. The grobtraktor certainly won't win games by itself, but it will certainly claim 2-3 kills with ease.

T23E3 - alias - the designated brawler med. - high rate of fire, reverse speed equal to the forward speed(!) 10 degrees gun depression combined with decent turret for some hull-down action.

 Power to weight ratio could be better, so I'd suggest taking relevant modules/skills to improve mobility.

Finally - the T95E6
 Nothing too impressive armour wise - only the turret front can be expected to bounce shots.

Its faster than pattons but with lower power to weight ratio. DPM is decent but the gun accuracy and aim time are a bit worse than on E5 and pattons respectively.

Overall its not bad, but its not outstanding either. Acceptable as CW reward.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Paper model ELC AMX

The first model tank for 2014 is the french ELC AMX.
And here's the link for it!

Have fun modeling!

The new medals in 8.11

New patch - new medals! Some old ones will be moved to the special category too. The sniper medal will have to go - replaced by the Sniper tanker medal. Difference in achievement - most damange in team, at least 1000 damage, at range 300m+, with 85% accuracy and 80% penetrating shots. Random battles only.
Now the old sniper medal could easily be farmed - say with an MG tank and point-blank shots. This one rings true to the meaning - you have to be a sniper.
 Main caliber - be the damage dealer, at least 20% of total enemy health, at least 1000 damage. Random battles only.
 Last survivor on map - no SPGs allowed. Well, this one is pretty straight forward.
 Win streak medal for 3+ victories in random teams
 Marksmanship - 100 times first by damage in battle
 Armored fist - that one's for the steam rolling - Win while losing no more than 1 vehicle.
Excellent preparation - another streak medal like the Marksmanship, this one is about 100 times on top for experience in battle.

As they say - out with the old, in with the new. This also gives Wargaming even more options for events (earning king of the hill might be tricky and cause the occasional team killing....)

Reason why RU servers got the siege of Leningrad event

The event allowed some ridicilous credit production to be achieved - up to +70% credits for all vehicles, prem tanks included. Needless to say that allows some serious dosh production, 200-250k would be the norm for my KV5 per battle. One could make several millions credits per day with ease.

Anyway - reason for that is...marketing.

Yep - marketing. As you should know RU server management proudly announced reaching yet another milestone - 1 000 000 players online simultaneously. Yep - thats right 1 million.  Now Wargaming can boast yet another record, for the meager price of giving RU players a bone...well more like a huge chunk of ham with honey-mustard on it. And well, who would't skip a work day to inflate his account with credits or teach the wife/kid/dog how to click Battle and shoot the tanks with red icons? (Dog might have an issue there)

 Shame about EU, US, and SEA servers...but thats life :)

I dunno, folks, anything we are unique with that we can use to get something similar? Except the fact that we pay per player a lot more than RU server?


Monday, 20 January 2014

Nation versus Nation battle mode

So...nation versus nation huh? You'll finally get to put your panzers versus t-34s, churchills against shermans etc.

Basics are obvious - teams are formed out of tanks of one nation only. Japan and China can't play it - since they don't have all branches of tanks available.

That leaves us with US, USSR, Germany, France and Britain. As with other special game modes in World of tanks it will likely be available after tier 4.

Let's see where does that leave us?

Tier4-6 battle - Germans get Vk-s, panzers and the occasional hummel. Soviets - t34-85s, SU-100s and KV1S. French ? ARL44, BDR - amx 12t and some elcs for good measure. M6, various shermans and hellcats for US teams - churchills, cromies and crusaders for brits with some AT2/8s too. Needless to say from this set up - french teams will be used as a punch bag by everyone else. Soviet teams will rule supreme due to KV1s EVERYWHERE, and germans brits and yankees being average as usual.

Things change in a tier 10 battle though - How about a team made of bat chats, foches and 50B? Not so fun anymore, is it? Not sure how is this supposed to balance out, or if it is supposed to balance out at all. After all - war is not fair. Test server comes soon so we will be able to check it out.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

8.11 patch notes

- Supertesters get three new vehicles for testing: T23E3 (US tier 7 premium medium tank), T95E6 (US tier 10 reward tank), Grosstraktor Krupp (tier 3 German premium medium tank)
- new map “Windstorm”, 1000x1000m, European winter map, semi-city map
- fixed some game elements on the following maps: Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway, North-West
- completely removed the Port map from all the game modes
- added new map “Ruinberg on fire” – Ruinberg with rain and fires going
- added new map “Winter Himmelsdorf” – winter version of general Himmelsdorf
- fixed the bug where you can enter the building inside the cap circle in Himmelsdorf Encounter
- improved the game performance (SS: FPS) on maps Fisherman’s Bay, Serene Coast, Severogorsk and Ensk
- fixed the excessive brightness of some effects on certain maps

Mechanics and fixes
- added new mode, “National battle”, in which the teams are balanced based on the nation of origin of the tanks
- added new group operations with the crew: mass retraining of the entire crew on the new tank and the one-click return of the old crew
- added the option to disable the battle chat (only text messages – you will still see the “command wheel” commands and pings)
- added the option to view the chat history
- added new icon for the situation when the tank is on fire, analogical to the drowning icon
- added the option of disabling the killcam (viewing the tank that killed you)
- the mission/discount window – some improvements were added
- when you rightlick on a tank in your garage, new option was added to go straight to that tank’s statistics
- research window now has an option to go to that tank you are viewing in the hangar
- added the option to activate fire extinguisher by left-clicking the fire icon in the left lower corner of the screen
- after the destruction of your tank, the camera will now first cycle to the tank of your platoon member and other tanks after that
- added the reload time remaining to the “reloading” message (from the command circle)
- added new markers to the aim reticle settings
- fixed the bug where the mastery badges “disappear” for many players
- fixed the chat and voice chat in team battles
- fixed sharp drop of FPS on some PC configurations, when looking closely at some of the Japanese tanks
- fixed the way visual camo works: now, if you buy camouflage pattern for gold, it gets stored and you can return to it later if you buy other camo of the same type
- added new “Hero of the Battle” medals: “Main Caliber” (for doing damage) and “Tanker-Sniper” (for doing damage at distance over 300 meters)
- the “Sniper” medal was moved from “sniper” to “special” category, in the achievement window you will be able to see how many Sniper medals you got and on what vehicles. It will not be possible to recieve Sniper medals anymore.
- added several new awards especially for team battles
- added the option to actually see you fulfilled the conditions for the mastery badge, even if you already have one for that vehicle
- optimized the motion blur effect
- added the modifiers, influencing the skill level of the crewman to the crewman personal window
- ricochets were reworked graphically
- Raisenai Heroes medal was visually reworked
- fixed the replays mechanism (they sometimes were saved with bugs or not at all)
- fixed the speed meter when the tank is moving backwards
- insignia of tankers of all nations brought to one standard
Vehicle changes

- fixed the bugs in size of Type 59, T-54, WZ-120, Nashorn
- fixed the armor of Foch 155, Foch and AMX AC 48
- rebalanced some parameters of following vehicles: Foch 155, T110E4, T110E3, Object 268, WT E-100
- increased the profitability (money-making ability) of following tanks: Lowe, T34, 112, T-34-3, FCM50t, M6A2E1
- MM weight of artillery reduced by 10 percent
- following tanks have the suspension damage model detailization standardized: T29, T32, T34, M37, M41, Chaffee, Pershing, T92, Hellcat, M4A2E4, M46 Patton, M103, T57, T110E5, T26E4, T110E4, T110E3, M44, M53/M55, T69, M60
- M44 was drowning too early, it was fixed

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Wot funnies 14

When I proposed to my girlfriend in french she was delighted and said it was the most romantic thing she's ever heard. I hope she never starts learning french, because I actually said "Main gun damaged" and "Optics destroyed"

Only place you'd see snow this year in EU? Severogorsk.
 Before getting E-25 I asked my clan mates for opinion.
This one convinced me "Even your own team hates you."
 Question - How many premium tanks do you need to be happy?
Answer - One more.
Gold shells are like bribes. You are totally against it until its your turn at the trout.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bunch of supertest leaks

It seems 2014 will be the Year of premium tanks. Not new nations or trees.

Lets see what we can learn.
T95E6 will have a crew of 4 - commander will be radioman too.

The Grosstraktor - Loltraktor's big brother - armed with short 75mm. Not sure if it will be tier2 or tier 3. It will be great on 2, not so much on tier 3.

T23E3 - yep thats the old T23 returning as a US prem  tank on tier 7. It will be armed with a 76mm gun however. I doubt that will be an issue - Ersatz Panther is doing fine.

Not a word on japanese heavy tanks...or TDs or LTs or anything... Hmmm