Saturday, 2 March 2013

Supertest leak the VK7201 Lowe tank

Recently an image was leaked from the World of tanks supertest, that showed a (supposedly) new german tier 10 Heavy tank - an upgunned, uparmored version of the VK7201 Lowe with a rear mounted turret.

Not much is known about it for the time being (well, nothing really) though the drawing below of a Lowe version seems to be one of the sources. So what do we know, or believe we know about this tank? Its all speculation drawn from the drawing, the screenshot and what we DO know about the existing ingame Lowe tank premium tank.

First of all, the gun does seem to be the 150mm KwK, taken straight from the E-100. Whether thats good or bad news remain to be seen. It will be quite hilarious if that gun can shoot faster in the cramped Lowe turret than in the huge E-100 house-for-a-cupola-because-we-want-it-huge. Doesn't mean that the Lowe turm is bad though. It keeps the trademark huge gun mantle which means the front will be quite bouncy even without increasing the armor of the tank to do the job. The rear placement of the turret though, leaves gun depression as a wild card. Old Lowe has -6 +17. This one might have a bit less depression because of it.

The frontal slope seems the same on both the new and the old Lowe - 55 degrees, which if the increased armor rumor is true, will give us at least adequate UFP. The image quality is poor so I'm not certain, but it seems the new Lowe lacks the traditional Lowe's frontal weakspot with the flat area of armor. Can't be certain though.

So where does that leave us?

We get a heavy tank with a rear mounted bouncy turret and a really big gun with (slow reload). Sidescraping and hull down tactics will likely be your best friend. Its unlikely the new Lowe will get more than 2500 hit points at best.

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