Wednesday, 19 March 2014

New paper model - Hetzer!

This time we get not one, but two versions. One is the ordinary Grey hetzer that we know and love from World of tanks. The other bears the camo scheme of the Hetzer from Girls und Panzer. There are also crew figures too. You will probably have to edit the pdf if you don't want to print all of it. 

Wot Funnies 15 - semi gif edition

Nation vs Nation on Monastery map - USSR vs France
French team - 1 AMX50B, 10 batchats, 1 batchat 155 and 3x AMX48
- Whoa a whole band of drummers!
- Wait what about the 48s?
other team - Bas guitars.
 New medal - Defiant
Given for 20 battles on a notebook when the wife takes away your mouse.
New medal - Indomitable
Given for 100 battles on your mouse once the wife takes away your notebook.

Playing platoon with 2 buddies. 3 AM, in the middle of the night. Suddenly the E-100 cries in the TC
-Help*cough* help!
me- What is it?
friend 2- Nothing on map, arty?
E-100- Guys Help!*Cough*
Our batchats swing around the map and find his E-100 alone, rammed in a rock
me - Dude, what is it?
E-100 - Help! *cough* My wife is choking me!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Patch notes 9.0

- new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)
- fixed maps: Malinovka, Serene Coast, Steppes, Redshire, Mountain Pass
- added historical battles
- removed the “confrontation” mode I guess that was to be expected.
- added new window of graphic settings
- added the dynamic resolution option (reduction of game resolution while keeping the UI resolution the same)
- added the possibility to manually set your FOV in settings
- added the option to set the “power” (intensity) of color filters
- added turrets being ripped off after ammo rack explosion
- reworked tank exhausts (smoke) effect
- added the keyboard language indicator on the login screen
- added new awards (medals) for team battles: “Recon by combat”, “God of War”, “For the Will to Win”, “Decisive Shot”, “For Tactical Operations”
- fixed some bugs and added improvements in the “Vehicles” section of the Achievement window
- reworked the “Statistics” section in the Achievements window
- changed the wording of the Steel Wall award
- Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed

- maximum forward speed changed from 38,6 to 56 km/h
- maximum reverse speed changed from 16 to 20 km/h
- ammo carried from 1100 to 1350 rounds
- rate of fire from 450 to 550 RPM
- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 22 to 27mm


- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 25 to 27mm

- term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”
- fixed bugs in voice chat
- fixed the bug where the aim circle was displayed incorrectly in replays
- fixed the bug where artillery shells fell outside of the aiming circle in arty mode
- fixed the bug where artillery shells exploded in mid-air
- fixed freezing of the account when quitting the game

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Paper model IS 7

Now there are enough paper tier 10 tanks to make a diorama or two.