Sunday, 30 June 2013

World of tanks new maps for 8.7/ 8.8

Patch 8.7 is already in closed supertesting and likely to be in open testing soon.

Meanwhile we are getting two new maps. One winter aaand one summer map. Belogorsk seems a fairly open map, Great wall is an asian one which features...well duuuuh - the Great Wall of China? Needless to say the Wall is no decoration and the gates will be rather deadly chokepoints as you can see on the minimaps down below. The increase of asian maps suggests WG is trying to increase its foothold there. I don't know whats the situation with the chinese WoT servers, but those golden T-59s are a good indication. Hey, as long as we get some of the good stuff I don't care what they provide the chinese with.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

WoT funnies 8

Random battles explained...

Live oaks - tier 10, 3x arties per team
*GW-E one shots a Foch.*
GW-E: They say arty got nerfed...
*T92 oneshots a IS8*
T92: Just rumours....

Same map - different game.
IS3 gets one-shotted by a Lorraine 155
IS3 -Hey Lori,  you forgot to download the patch or something? 

One good thing about 0.8.6 is that SU-5 is no longer worried about having only 12 shells...

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Chinese prem tank 112 gameplay video

Well, the player himself is not very impressive, but the tank holds up to the hype it received when the first screenshots and information arrived. A superior IS6 through and through.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

World of tanks 8.6 premium and normal shell price changes + penetration changes

Taken straight from

Because of that its in russian - sorry.



8.5 8.6
HE M63 35 10
HE 10 13
AP M74 35 18
Type 1 HE 36 19
Type 97 HE 16 20
Sha bao-271 56 28
Sha bao-350 24 48
Sha bao-367 98 130
Chuan bei-367 150 170
Chuan bei-367G 180 240
OE mle. 1932 8 10
ODR mle. 1932 14 20
OE mle. 1915 19 38
Sprgr. 18 19 38
AP Mk. 8T 35 45
HE M42A1 56 68
Prf. mle. 1926 46 70
Pzgr. 39 46 70
AP M79 56 96
Pzgr. 39K 60 120
OE mle. 1920 64 128
Sprgr. K 64 128
AP Mk. 3T 109 170
OE mle. 1930 95 190
Pzgr 39 4 3
Pzgr 39 (t) 14 16
Pzgr 39 19 30
APCBC 19 30
Sprgr 18 A 19 38
Sprgr 18 (r) 32 64
Pzgr 39 46 70
Pzgr 39 (r) 67 88
Pzgr 39 K 60 120
Sprgr K 64 128
Pzgr. 41 StK 106 186
Sprgr L erz. 100 200
Sprgr L 160 280
PzGr rot 800 600
SprgG 46 1120 1430
Gr. 18Be 1664 1930
Gr. 18 Stg 1664 2080
Common Shell 19 22
AP Mk. 1T 30 25
HE Mk. 10T 19 32
APSV Mk. 1 30 40
AP Mk. 1T 35 45
HE Mk. 2B 56 68
HE Mk. 1T 56 75
HE Mk. 1T 56 75
AP Mk. 2T 70 105
APCBC Mk. 8T 80 150
HE Mk. 3 83 156
APCBC Mk. 8T 100 75
AP 2 3
HE M63 35 10
AP M74 35 18
AP Mk. 1T 35 25
HE M54 35 25
HE T18 19 28
HE M42B1 19 38
AP Mk. 4 35 45
AP M70 35 50
M48 56 68
AP M62 56 88
AP M62 56 96
AP M339 56 105
HE M1 83 166
M106/M78 1092 1765
HE A1M1 1388 1870
БЦ-23 4 3
М63 35 10
УО-160А 35 10
М74 35 18
УО-271УО 19 24
AP Mk. 1T 35 25
УО-271УО 56 28
УБР-354КА 19 30
УОФ-354К 19 38
AP Mk. 1T 35 45
УОФ-354М 24 48
УБР-354МА 56 80
ОФ-420СОМШ 75 150
УБР-365КБМ 150 175
ОФ-420СО 150 215
53-ОФ-500 180 290
Г-620 1200 1845
Ф-625Д 1586 1910

4. CHANGES IN PREMIUM SHELLS PENETRATION. All shells that have received changes will be removed from player depot for their full price in silver. 

Shell Gun 8.5 8.6
Chuan bei-472 122 mm 60-122T 257 249
Chuan bei-472 122 mm 60-122TG 268 258
Po-122 122 mm 60-122T 400 340
Po-122 122 mm 60-122TG 400 340
OCO mle. 1926 75 mm APX 1897 100 91
OCO mle. 1926 75 mm SA32 100 91
Gr. 39 Hl/B 10,5 cm le.F.H. 18 L/28 150 104
OCO mle. 1936 105 mm court mle. 1934 S 150 104
OCO mle. 1936 105 mm AC court mle. 1934 S 150 104
OCO mle. 1936 105 mm court mle. 1935 B 150 104
OCO mle. 1944 Canon de 155 mm 233 185
OCO mle. 1944 Canon de 155 mm mle. 1917 G.P.F. 232 185
OCO mle. 1944 Canon de 155 mm de 33 calibres 232 185
OCO mle. 1944 Obusier de 155 mm C mle. 1917 232 185
OCO mle. 1944 Obusier de 155 mm mle. 1950 232 185
Prf. mle. 1943 120 mm SA46 267 257
Prf. mle. 1943 120 mm AC SA46 267 257
Frt.Prf. mle. 1945 120 mm SA46 351 325
Frt.Prf. mle. 1945 120 mm AC SA46 351 325
OCC-105-F1 105 mm mle. 57 (D. 1504) 360 330
Gr 38 HL A 7,5 cm KwK 37 L/24 100 87
Gr 39 H1A 10,5 cm KwK 42 L/28 150 104
Gr 39 H1A 10,5 cm KwK 42 L/28 150 104
Gr 39 H1A 10,5 cm le.F.H. 16 L/22 150 104
Gr 39 H1A 10,5 cm le.F.H. 18 L/28 150 104
Gr 39 H1A 15 cm s.F.H. 13 L/17 228 185
Gr 39 H1A G 15 cm s.F.H. 18 L/30 228 185
Gr 39 H1A L 15 cm s.I.G. 33 L/11 228 185
Gr 39 H1A K 0,5 cm KwK 45 L/52 Ausf. K 350 330
HEAT-T T384E4 10,5 cm Bordkanone L7A3 350 330
HEAT-T T384E4 10,5 cm L7A1 350 330
AP-T L1 120 mm AT Gun L1A1 269 259
AP-T L1 120 mm Gun L1A1 269 259
APDS L1 120 mm AT Gun L1A1 352 326
APDS L1 120 mm Gun L1A1 352 326
HEAT M66 75 mm AT Howitzer M3 100 91
HEAT M66 75 mm Howitzer M1A1 100 91
HEAT M66 75 mm Howitzer M3 100 91
HEAT M67 105 mm AT Howitzer M3 150 101
HEAT M67 105 mm AT M4 150 101
HEAT M67 105 mm Howitzer M2A1 150 101
HEAT M67 105 mm Howitzer M3 150 101
HEAT M67 105 mm Howitzer M4 150 101
HEAT M67 105 mm M4 150 101
AP-T M358 120 mm Gun M58 269 258
AP-T M358 120 mm Gun T179 269 258
HEAT-T T384E4 105 mm Gun M68 350 330
HEAT-T T384E4 105 mm Gun M68 350 330
HEAT-T M469 120 mm Gun M58 381 340
HEAT-T M469 120 mm Gun T122 330 340
HEAT-T M469 120 mm Gun T179 381 340
БП-350А 76 мм Ф-32 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм КТ-28 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм Л-10 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм Л-10У 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм Л-10С 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм Л-11 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм пушка обр. 1902/30 г. 30 к 100 75
БП-350А 76 мм полковая пушка обр. 1927 г 100 75
БП-460А 122 мм М-30С 160 140
БП-460А 122 мм У-11 160 140
БП-460АО 122 мм гаубица обр. 1910/30 г. 160 140
УБР-482 130 мм С-70 260 250
53-БП-540 152 мм МЛ-20С 228 250
53-БП-540 152 мм МЛ-20СМ обр. 1944 г. 228 250
53-БП-540 152 мм МЛ-20 обр. 1931/37 гг. 228 250
53-БП-540 152 мм гаубица МЛ-20 обр. 1931 г 228 250
БР-471Д 122 мм М62-С2 268 258
БР-471Д 122 мм М62-С2 268 258
3УБК4 100 мм Д-10Т2С 350 330
3УБК4 100 мм Д-54С 350 330
3УБК4 100 мм Д-54ТС 350 330
3УБК4 100 мм Д-54 350 330
3УБК4М 100 мм У-8ТС 350 330
БК-9 122 мм М62-С2 400 340
БК-9 122 мм М62-С2 400 340

5. CHANGES IN PREMIUM SHELLS GOLD PRICE (equivalent silver one is changed too)

Снаряд 8.5 8.6
Type 97 HEAT 2 3
Type 1 APCR 2 4
Chuan jian-350 5 6
UBR-354MP 5 6
Chuan chao-271 5 7
Po-367 7 10
Chuan chao-412 10 11
Po-365 7 12
Po-471 12 14
ODR mle. 1935 2 3
APCR Mk. 1T 5 6
APCBC Mk. 8T 3 6
Frt.Prf. mle. 1940 5 7
Frt.Prf. mle. 1944 5 7
Pzgr. 40 5 7
Gr. 39 Hl/B 7 10
OCO mle. 1936 7 10
Frt.Prf. mle. 1944 10 12
HEAT T267 12 17
Pzgr 40 (t) 2 3
Pzgr 40 5 7
Pzgr 40 L 5 7
Pzgr 40 (r) 5 7
Pzgr. 41 HK 5 8
Pzgr 40 10 8
Gr 39 H1A 7 10
PzGr 40 rot 10 11
Pzgr 40/43 10 11
Pzgr 40/48 10 11
Pzgr 40 10 12
Pzgr 40 10 12
Gr 39H2A G 13 15
Gr 39 H3A G 12 15
Gr 46 H1A 12 18
APCNR Mk. 1 2 3
APCNR Mk. 2 2 3
APHV Mk. 1T 2 3
Steel Shell NF 5 3
APSV Mk. 2 2 4
APCR Mk. 1T 5 6
HEAT Mk. I 5 7
APDS Mk. 1T 7 8
APCR Mk. 2T 8 9
APDS L1 10 11
APC Mk. 2 9 11
APDS Mk. 2T 9 11
HESH-T L-37 10 13
HEAT Mk. 1 7 14
APCBC 1935 1 2
APCNR Mk. 1 2 3
APCR Mk. 1T 5 6
APC M86 5 7
HEAT M66 5 7
Pzgr.40L (captured) 5 7
HEAT M67 7 10
HEAT-T M469 10 11
HVAP M304 10 11
HEAT-T T384E4 10 12
APCR M112E1 12 13
HEAT M167 12 14
HEAT-T M496 10 14
УБР-23 2 1
APCNR Mk. 1 2 3
УБР-243СПА 2 3
APCR Mk. 1T 5 6
УБР-354МП 5 6
УБР-271НО 5 7
УБР-365ПБМ 7 8
УБР-412П 10 11
УБР-420П 10 11
БП-460АО 10 11
УБР-482ПМ 10 11
3УБК4 10 12
3УБК4М 10 12
БП-460А 10 12
УБР-482П 10 12
УБР-551П 10 12
53-БП-540 12 15
УБК551М 12 17
Ф-600БМ 15 18

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

World of tanks patch 8.6 coming this week. Aaaand here are the patch notes

Changes in SPGs:
  • USSR SPG line has been reworked:
    • New SPGs added: SU-122А (Tier V), SU-14-1 (Tier VII)
  • Now the tree will look like this:
    • Tier II SU-18
    • Tier III SU-26
    • Tier IV SU-5
    • Tier V SU-122A (new vehicle)
    • Tier VI SU-8 (moved from Tier V)
    • Tier VII S-51 (moved from Tier VI) ======  Tier VII SU-14-1 (new vehicle)
    • Tier VIII SU-14-2 (moved from Tier VI)
    • Tier IX 212A (moved from Tier VII)
    • Tier X Obj. 261 (moved from Tier VIII)
  • German SPG line has been reworked:
    • New SPGs added: G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) (Tier II), Pz.Sfl. IVb (Tier IV), G.W. Tiger (P) (Tier VIII)
  • Now the tree will look like this:
    • Tier II G.Pz. Mk. VI (e) (new vehicle)
    • Tier III Sturmpanzer I Bison (moved from Tier II) ==== Wespe
    • Tier IV Sturmpanzer II (moved from Tier III) ====== Tier IV Pz.Sfl. IVb (new vehicle)
    • Tier V Sturmpanzer 38(t) Grille (moved from Tier IV)
    • Tier VI Hummel (moved from Tier V)
    • Tier VII Gw Panther (moved from Tier VI)
    • Tier VIII G.W. Tiger (P) (new vehicle)
    • Tier IX G.W. Tiger (moved from Tier VII)
    • Tier X G.W. E-100 (moved from Tier VIII)
  • USA SPG line has been reworked:
    • New SPGs added: M44 (Tier VI), M53/M55 (Tier IX).
  • Now the tree will look like this:
    • Tier II T57
    • Tier III M7 Priest
    • Tier IV M37
    • Tier V M41
    • Tier VI M44 (new vehicle)
    • Tier VII M12 (moved from Tier VI)
    • Tier VIII M40/M43 (moved from Tier VII)
    • Tier IX M53/M55 (new vehicle)
    • Tier X T92 (moved from Tier VIII)
  • French SPG line has been reworked:
    • New SPGs added: AMX 105 AM mle. 47 (Tier IV), Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 (Tier IX)
  • Now the tree will look like this:
    • Tier II BS
    • Tier III Lorr.39LAM
    • Tier IV AMX 105 AM mle. 47 (new vehicle)
    • Tier V AMX 105 AM mle. 50 (moved from Tier IV)
    • Tier VI AMX-13 F3 AM (moved from Tier V)
    • Tier VII Lorraine 155-50 (moved from Tier VI)
    • Tier VIII Lorraine 155-151 (moved from Tier VII)
    • Tier IX Bat.-Châtillon 155 55 (new vehicle)
    • Tier X Bat Chatillon 155 58 (moved from Tier VIII)
  • Introduction of new Premium tank: British Tier V Heavy Tank A33 Excelsior
  • Added new camouflage patterns for the following nations:
    • USSR: 1 winter and 2 summer.
    • Germany: 1 desert and 2 summer.
    • France: 3 summer.
  • New map added "Sacred valley" (Korea, Autumn)
  • Encounter battle has been added to the following map: Mines, Lakeville, Redshire.
  • New birds have been added to Ruinberg and Lakeville
  • Improved after-battle statistics
  • Reworked the list of WoT achievements on login screen
  • Removed the following inscriptions: "Popeye", "Mickey Mouse", "Betty Boop". All players with these inscriptions will receive compensation corresponding to the method of purchase (credit or gold) and time remaining (in case of inscriptions purchased for credits)
  • Small improvements of special battle's screen (display of nation, type or Tier limitations)
  • All new accounts will now receive Tier I tanks with 100% crew

Game Mechanics:
  • Damage model of the following tanks has been improved: SU-8, SU-85B, Cromwell, Comet, Matilda Black Prince, SU-5, SU-76, Т95, Т92, M12, M41, M7 Priest, T57, G.W. E 100, G.W. Tiger, Hummel, Pz.Kpfw. V/IV, IS-6, Pz.Kpfw. III/IV, Object 268, FV215b (183), Wespe
  • Reworked additional absorption bonuses for Spall Liners:
    • Small Spall Liner 20 % (was 15%).
    • Medium Spall Liner 25% (was 15%).
    • Large Spall Liner 30% (was 15%).
    • For heavy tanks of more than 70 tons added super-heavy  spall liner with additional absorption coefficient of 50%
    • All spall liners on vehicles with weight above 70 tons were dismounted, moved to depot and changed to ‘Super-Heavy spall liners’
  • New rules of how HEAT shells work:
    • HEAT shells will start to ricochet if the impact angle equals or is greater than 80 degrees. (please note that every shell can have slightly different settings). The armor penetration after ricochet will remain the same.
    • After successful penetration, a HEAT shell cannot ricochet inside the tank (as the shell is transformed into a continuous stream.)
    • After successful penetration, the HEAT shell will lose 5% of armor penetration value for each 10cm of travelling distance (50% for 1 meter travelled between the spaced armor surface and armor)
    • After successful penetration, the force with which the HEAT shell continues to travel through the armor will lose penetration value equal to the amount of armor hit and will take into account the angle of impact between the armor and penetration spot.
    • Suspension now also counts as spaced armor
  • Changed mechanism of camouflage calculation when using camouflage pattern and camouflage net:
    • From now on, the values for vehicles with camo patterns and camo net will be cumulative.  This means that now the camouflage net and camouflage pattern will provide fixed bonuses which will only differ based on the class of the vehicle (for example, TD's will receive the highest bonus)
    • This means that the camouflage net and camouflage will give a significant camouflage bonus even for big turrets.
    • To avoid side-effects of having nearly invisible TD's, it was decided to decrease the overall camouflage bonuses provided by bushes and fallen trees by 20%.
  • Increased income for high tier tanks (the full list of changes will be available later in a special appendix):
    • For tier 10 vehicles (except for SPGs) income increased in average by 10%.
    • For tier 9, 8, 7, 6 vehicles (except SPGs) income also increased but not as much as for tier 10 vehicles.
  • Tracers have been temporary turned off:
    • Removed all tracers from unspotted enemy vehicles, except of SPG’s tracers
    • The area in SPGs aiming mode, where tracer of non-spotted SPGs is being shown, has been reduced.
  • Changed the mechanism of shot accuracy calculation. Now amount of shells falling on side of the aiming circle will decrease by 20%. Shells will fly more accurately and closer to the aim center.
  • Changed the mechanism of calculating damage and penetration. The extreme numbers will be seen 5% less, while the average amounts will be seen more often
  • Removed decreasing coefficients of XP received from dealing damage with TD or SPG. TD’s will receive 33% more XP from damage, while SPG owners will notice 50% boost in the same parameter.
  • Added ‘assist’ bonus for tracking enemy: if you track an enemy and allies deal damage to it, or even destroy it while it’s still tracked, you will receive an XP bonus. Mechanism will work similarly to the one applied currently for damage on spotted vehicles.
  • Shell normalization of all ACPR and ARCP shells decreased from 5 to 2 degrees
  • Mechanism, which allows to determine what bonuses (XP, credits, frags count) will be received for damaging or killing tanks using physics (pushing to water or from the cliffs etc.) and by whom, was added
  • Added a new camera mode, which swings slightly when firing or getting shot and adding a compensation mode for vehicles moving in Sniper mode (can be enabled in setting by selecting ‘Use dynamic camera’ option)
  • Rebalanced Tank Company requirements for different types of tanks. Now all ‘divisions’ will have same requirements for Medium and Heavy tanks, TD’s and SPG’s: Junior – Tier IV, Medium – Tier VI, Champion – Tier VIII, Absolute – Tier X. Limitations for light tanks will still be in place
  • If a player gets banned for teamkilling, he’s now immediately kicked out of a current battle, rather than waiting for the battle to finish first and being banned after


  • Elevation and depression angles of Matilda Black Prince have been increased.
  • Balance changes have been made on map ‘Fjords’. Also one-storey wooden houses can be now destroyed.
  • Balance changes have been made to the “assault” game mode on Westfield.
  • ‘Widepark’ map is now only available for random battles of Tier IV, V and VI
  • Full rebalance of SPGs was made (full list will be available closer to the update)
  • Overall velocity of SPGs’ shells decreased (10-15% for regular guns and 50% for short ‘mortar’ guns)
  • Rebalance of income values for most vehicles (the full list of changes will be available later in a special appendix)
  • Rebalancing of premium shells has been performed (the full  list of changes will be available later in a special appendix):
    • Price adjustments have been performed according to the efficiency value, which was calculated for each type of shells minding its penetration value and damage.
    • The price for some APCR/ACRP shells has been increased and for some of them reduced.
    • The price for almost all HEAT shells has been increased because they turned out to be cheaper despite the same efficiency as for APCR/ACRP shells.
    • Almost all premium HEAT shells remain without any changes except for some HE shell types.
  • Rebalancing of HE shells has been performed (the full list of changes will be available later in a special appendix):
    • Armor penetration of high Tier HE shells was decreased
    • Middle Tier HE shells (105-122 mm) armor penetration was significantly decreased
    • Premium shells, which saw their characteristics changed, were reimbursed with credits according to the shell purchase price of version 8.5

  • Visual models of the following tanks have been improved: VK 16.02 Leopard, Matilda Black Prince, SU-85B, SU-14, T26E4 Super Pershing, GW. Panther, SU-26, Hummel, Е-100 (turret has been moved 10 cm closer to the front), SU-18, Object 212, Т-54, BТ-2, АТ2, Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. G, Pz.Kpfw. I Ausf. C, Matilda IV, Sturmpanzer II, Aufklärungspanzer Panther, T57 Heavy Tank, M2 Light Tank, AT 8
  • Graphics have been improved on the following maps : Murovanka, Widepark , Airfield.
  • Visual changes have been made to ‘Ruinberg’ map.
  • Reworked animation of base flag

Sound Improvements:
  • Sound processing module has been reworked. Now it’s possible to play more sounds with less sound distortions and while using less system resources.
  • Changed mechanics of ambient sounds placement on the map. Removed ‘dead zones’, increased volume of wind in SPG-view, created new events for water, industrial objects and fire
  • Decreased amount of sounds of tank ground hits while driving though uneven areas
  • Increased distance of fire sound, changed dependence of sounds on camera position, added physical model of hearing sounds from a distance
  • Increased distance of other tank sounds to add ‘Doppler effect’ to increase reality of two vehicles moving side-by-side
  • Increased variety of tank hit sounds
  • Changed sound of tank destruction
  • Added 3D parameter. All players, who have 5.1 multimedia-systems, will experience a greater level of realism in the game.
Technical Improvements:
  • Reworked mechanism of informing about the lack of memory
  • Added an automatic quality regulation system of tuning special effect depending on resources usage and system performance, which will reduce quality of effects (explosions, smokes and fire) automatically if fps drop is detected
  • Made some improvements and corrections to the mechanism displaying dynamic shadows. This leads to an overall improvement of the shadow quality with fewer artifacts.

  • Corrections have been made to names of French tanks and their modules.
  • Fixed the low turning speed of some vehicles on bridges
  • Added small corrections to battle and video tutorials
  • Fixed wrong effects displaying when destroying some objects
  • Fixed discrepancy between actually damaged parts and the resulting visual damage models of the affected buildings and objects
  • Fixed damage models of small ambient objects
  • Fixed errors and improved display of dynamic shades
  • Partly fixed issue of NVIDIA 309 and newer drivers conflict with WoT client which sometimes could result in a crash

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Latest server statistics before the patch

Patch 8.6 coming soon fellow tankers(next week that is). Now this here is the latest server statistic for all tier 10 tanks. Not many changes in there. The Leopard 1 behaves about as expected for a new tier 10 tank - sitting at a comfortable 53% victory ratio. The Foch 155 is the only other tank with global win ratio above 53. Everything else has mostly settled in. The chinese top tiers are down to 50.something, even the T57 Heavy. Curiously enough the new "reward" tanks the M60 Patton, the VK7201 and the Object 907 are already included in it, even though nobody owns them (yet) and their stats are 0. I expect changes there after the first Global campaign is over. 8.6 is going to mess things up a bit. 

Thursday, 13 June 2013

WoT funnies 7

- Neightbour's gone crazy. Says he'll make a Sherman costume for next Halloween.
- And I'm playing the Stuart.
- No shit...Well, guess I better be the Grille then.

I have the feeling I know what was this man doing all alone in a hotel room...

Two young mothers were chatting at the children's playground.
A - So where is your husband dear?
B- Said he had important task after work. How about yours?
A- Same. Important meeting after work.
B- Playing Tanks again?
A- You bet...

Only german tanks increase both in size and complexity of their names.

Only russian tanks keep getting smaller and lighter with every tier...until only a fuel tank and ammo rack with tracks beneath them remains.

Only in American tanks the steel ran out after making the turret and the commander's periscopes. 

Only in French tanks tier 3 has better armour than a tier 10. And the low tiers have motorbike engines...

Only the British refuse to believe in sloped armour...while borrowing engines for heavy tanks from the French.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

World of tanks patch 8.6 - full matchmaking table

Full MM table was released for World of tanks patch 8.6. That means the patch is pretty much ready to fly. Points of interest - both E-25 and the A33 Excelsior receive preferential matchmaking, being limited to tier 8 and tier 6 respectively. Alas, so does the 112... Anyway check it for yourselves if you are looking for a specific tank.

Friday, 7 June 2013

Endless war trailer

Wargaming launched another CGI trailer for World of tanks. Maybe the population growth of WoT has dropped a bit? Not enough super peshings around here?(which will be removed from store by the way)

Second version of 8.6 test is up by the way. I doubt there will be a 3rd so patch day will be probably next week. I'd say stock up on gold shells people - HEAT and APCR WILL get more expensive for a number of tanks. It will hurt your credit income a lot. For some tanks using prem shells for silver will actually kill any chance for profit if you shoot more than 1-2...True there are things that might help - the increased income for high tiers and the so called "missions" might make using prem ammo more valuable...however let's buy cheap NOW rather than be sorry later.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

WoT funnies 6

With the announcement of the first Global Campaign, most recruiters changed tactics.

Now they say : Clan (This or That) recruiting 18+, must have TS3 and unlocked MS-1

Mixed feeling is when you are in arty, the entire team is capping and and single scout enters the base. You know victory is near and that nobody will come to save you either.

 Testing of 8.6

T92- Hmmm can't see the aiming circle...
GW-E:- Me neither....
Batchat 155: - Increase you resolutions guys! 

Screenshots of the chinese 112 and E-25 TD

Wargaming released some official screenshots of the new premium vehicles. Not that we did not have leaked ones before but its nice to have more.

E-25 seems to be really tiny, especially for tier 7. About the size of a Hetzer... A Hetzer armed with L/70 and almost 20 RoF...

 Did we mention the 26 horse powers per ton and the 60+  kmph top speed? With the accuracy boost the 150mm penetration becomes an issue only with tier 8 HTs.

As for the chinese 112? Eh...another tank with russian playstyle. No comment here. Enough has been said about it and its 300mm penetrating HEAT. The new penetration mechanics though might play a bad joke on people who are already drooling about it.


Tuesday, 4 June 2013

World of tanks 8.7 - british artillery

Screenshots of (almost) all the british SPGs arrived.

It seem the British artillery will be closer to the classics. No fancy autoloading SPG on top.

The tier 2 I have already posted an article about. Its a Carden lloyd spg carrier with a 13pdr gun. I suppose it will play like a faster T-57.

Tier 3 is a version of the Sexton. Whether premium Sexton will see the light of day is debatable. Gun will be 25 pounder. Stats can be seen in the Sexton articles.

The Birch gun also has its own article. Good thing about it - huge traverse 180 degrees.

Tier 5 is the Bishop SPG - nothing unexpected here. Originally armed with 25 pounder but you will get a bigger one. Valentine hull, bad gun traverse.

Tier 6 is this unnamed as of yet SPG. No idea about it.

British tier 7 SPG is a model based on the Crusader hull. Expect good mobility and perhaps good gun traverse too - que GW panther version 2.0. gun is an 80 pounder. Not very powerful but likely to be quick firing (at least by arty standards after the 8.6 ROF nerfs)

 Finally a series of SPGs based on Conqueror hulls.

First one has a 152mm gun - quite weak for tier 8 but gun traverse and RoF might save it. All 3 top spgs are very similar and the construction of the casemate is the same so they should have decent horizontal traverse.

FV5806 as tier 9 armed with a 182mm gun - probably similar in behavior to the russian object.

Finally the top dog will have a 233 mm big stick. And good horizontal traverse of the gun...

Monday, 3 June 2013

World of tanks 8.6 test british tier 5 premium A33 Excelsior review

Standing a 41 tons in the right corner is the A33 Excelsior heavy tank - british tier 5 prem tank.

So what do we have here?

In terms of mobility, the A33 is surprisingly nimble for a heavy tank. 600 hp engine means about 15 hp per ton which makes the top speed of 38 kmph easily achievable. Also - while no T1 Heavy, the A33 is still no pushover and can go ramming stuff smaller than him. The thicker frontal armor will compensate.

In terms of gun...things are not so good. The british 75mm has only 91mm of penetration with AP which leaves you hanging and in trouble when facing other tier 5 heavies let alone tier 6 and above. Rate of fire is decent - accuracy and aim time, not so much.

Survivability - with frontal armor on the level of the Tiger tank, the Excelsior can be a tough nut to crack with AP rounds for most tier 5 tanks.  114mm front turret and hull will see to that. Just don't go angling too much - sides are only 30mm with about as much spaced armor added on top the tracks.


Things get mucky here. In the round above - I actually ran -5000 creds with a standard account (would have been +10 000 on prem acc). The prem shells cost 2800 each. Basically that means that if the A33 does not get preference MM limiting it to facing tier 6 max its going to be in trouble.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

World of tanks 8.6 test - more changed models.

 Apart from the ones listed previously - here are a few more changed models for 8.6

First one is the SU 14. It gets eh...thinner but taller. I guess it will be slightly smaller target than a barn. Oh who are we kidding its still the size of a bus. Considering that accuracy of all tanks is greatly improved, you might as well slap a "Hit me" sign on it.

A very nearly cosmetic change on the Su 18. Why I'm saying very nearly? Well it could result in better horizontal gun traverse. I'm not sure, could someone who doesn't have to wait for hours check and confirm this?

Finally a definitively cosmetic only change on the Su-26. I doubt anyone would have noticed if not for the patch notes.

Hmmm I wonder what's in store for 9.0 if its supposed to be even bigger than 8.6? Time will usual.