Tuesday, 5 March 2013

WoT funnies

For the record the jokes are mostly translations.

- Dude how mad is she at me?
- Let me put it this way, she named her KV-5 radioman after you.

Prokhorovka battle. T50-2 rushes the base and kills 3 arties
T50-2: Paskuchi!
He kills another:
T50-2: Dimitru!
He kills a fifth.
T50-2: Burda!
IS 3 knocks out his engine. With only 2 HP and no steering the T50-2 crashes in a KV-2
IS-3: Here's harakiri and kamikadze for good measure!

Prebattle chat

xxx: Man I really want a T26E4
yyyy: Me too I have it unlocked but did not touch it.
xxxx: What do you mean unlocked? Its a premium!
yyyy: Thats why I did not touch it :)

Westfield assault - attacking team.

KV-2: - I propose a blitzkrieg!
player1: Sure!
player2: Ok!
KV-2: Oh shit, I thought I was in my cromwell. Ok I propose a slow-and-steady krieg!.

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