Saturday, 2 March 2013

Supertest leak - the Leopard 1 Prototype

It seems the supertesters are already busy preparing for patch 8.5. This is going to be a new tier 9 for the German tech tree - the Leopard 1 Prototype.

What can we expect? Top speed of 65 km, very thin armor and the british 105mm L7 gun. Prem ammo will be HESH.

Oookay so how does that package translate? A flanker tank with the speed to actually close in and use the high damage of the HESH rounds? The FV4202 is certainly anything but a fast med. 65 kpmh will put the Leo 1 on par with bat chats.
 Arty bait? Time will tell. There are no side skirts to absorb splash.

My hopes are for a fast med tank with good sniper abilities and moderate hull down options. Now of course we might get a piece of scrap but...too soon to say.

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