Thursday, 14 March 2013

WoT funnies 2

Yesterday I unveiled my 1:1 KV-2 model in my yard. It gave me +100% to Nice neighbours.

In a family where the father was a tanker, he had to take care of the baby for the weekend. Finally the mum is home and goes straight to the crib.
Mother: - Aaaaaw who's my good boy!
Baby: - Bo!...Bo!
Mother:- Honey I think he just said his first word! Come quick!
Baby: - Bo!... Bounced off!

KV-2 is a very interesting tank. You can often ammo rack a racing T-50-2 from 300 meters away, yet miss completely a Hellcat trying to ram you to death.

By the time my AT-2 reached combat, I was already the top tank of the team....

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