Sunday, 10 March 2013

WG's plans for 2013

Right then, by now I believe everyone has sobered up from New Year's Eve.

So what are Wargaming's plans for 2013? The claims are for 6 to 10 patches, 2 already out. Now what will those bring us?

At least 2 new maps
Mexico and Savannah, screenies of those appeared ages ago. City maps too (Stalingrad?) and some more Asian for the horror of all Dragon's ridge lovers. Special maps for Clan wars capital cities are planned too, but unlikely to appear in 2013.

7/42 Company battles.
They will bring a new mechanism of forming companies(with a queue) and a few more gimmiks like company stats.

Second German Med line. in 8.5

- VK 2001 DB
- DW
- VK 3002 DB v1
- Aufklarerpanzer Panther
- Indienpanzer
- Prototype Arbeltsgruppe А
- Leopard 1

VK 3002 DB is also there in its current form. There is a surprise planned for 8.5 too. Obviously I don't know what is it. Wouldn't be a surprise if I did right?

Second Soviet Med line in 8.6
Probably ending with the Object 907 as top. It will likely contain the Soviet rear turret meds. Can't be sure yet. T-50-2 MIGHT be replaced with the MT-25 in 8.6 too(emphasis on might)

Artillery tier 9 and 10 and British SPG
Not anytime soon! Expect them in the autumn at best.

The French line won't see any major additions.
No 65t AMX...or AMX 30...sorry folks.

 A Japanese tree is in the works, but very unlikely to arrive before New Years of 2013. 
Well thats not exactly news...

Certain mods will be "bought" from WG and included in the game.
That is also old news by now. I'd say Jumbo's crosshair mod and XVM are the best bets.

Replay mechanism will be changed.
Replays will be hosted on a WG server and changed in behaviour - the whole battle will be recorded from each player's viewpoint, so yes you will be able to see exactly how your KV-1 failed miserably to kill a Hothchkiss. There might be restrictions to this either by the player himself or the devs.

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