Friday, 26 July 2013

Unified account system is being tested...

So the unified account system for all of Wargaming's products is being tested atm. As you know the basic premise is that the ingame currency will be shared by all your accounts. Basically if you have tons of gold on WoT, you will be able to progress very quickly in WoWP or WoWS. Personally I don't like WoWP but I will sure as hell love to have some quicker progress in World of Warships. I doubt anything else will be transferable though free experience might get in the deal too. Who knows? I'm more curious about the other ways of interaction between the two games.

Here's some examples.

Okay so you want to do a landing between regular provinces(NOT landing zones) in WoT right? However, the province owner has set up a naval blockade. You have to defeat him in WoWS  to clear the path for your landing. At any time you could try to earn an advantage, either to the naval or landing battle, by conducting an air superiority mission in WoWP. You achieve air superiority and the available enemy tokens are reduced i.e. he is forced to commit more troops to hold the area due to bombing etc.

Or how about a strategic bombing campaign? Thats a nice 4k province you got there...I'd be a shame if something...happens to it. Sure the attacker won't earn anything, but denial is just as good in some cases.

Thursday, 11 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 test model changes

This time there are only two so far. The AMX50B gets the turret moved back a bit. I hope it has no effect on the gun depression.

Aaaand the Jumbo gets a bit taller - also it loses a few degrees of UFP slope. Here we have a more noticeable nerf.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sturmtiger supertest screenshots

After the model was found as an easter egg in the new Belogorsk map, more screenies emerged of the Sturmtiger being used in the supertest server. Source is here

There are 2 options here - 1 he just pulled the model from belogosk and replaced it with another tank/photoshopped the model on existing screenies.

2 - its genuine. Well the above mentioned would also technically be genuine screenies...just not the same thing. Judging by the size of the explosion on the 2nd screenshot (if its going off on the far side of the valley) they could be the real deal.

At any rate we won't be seeing it soon, so no reason to get jumpy. Its just a teaser for our appetite.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Chinese premium med tank T-34-3

First there was the T-34-1 then the T-34-2 aaaand well, guess what comes next? Why the T-34-3 of course!

Well, stranger sights have come and gone from World of tanks and (yet) another tier 8 prem tank is hardly surprising.

Now, whats the deal with this one?

Well, since we are talking chinese tanks - our comparison will have to be with the T-34-2, the other tier 8 chinese meds.

Compared to the T-34-2, the MK-3 seems to have a bit of an upper hand.

Armour wise hull and turrets are as follow :

UFP 90mm LFP 70mm  sides 50mm  Turret front: 190mm Turret side: 150/120mm for the MK3 compared to 70/45/45 hull and  180/12/60 turret for the T-34-2. As you can see the advantage is obvious. Better turret and better UFP cannot be denied.

As far as mobility goes, the MK3 has slightly worse power to weight ratio, since it weights 2 tons more but thats it. In terms of hull and turret traverse it has the same values as the MK2.

In terms of gun... - 122mm DT with 40 shells onboard. Very poor RoF - about 4 and 3.4s aim time but hey, who cares?!

All in all the T-34-3 in this configuration is exactly like the T-34-2, even with some advantages. Oh and you have prem tank status so you can farm all you want. Its NOT in the league of the T59, allthough it has more (and harder hitting) ammo onboard so you could potentially out dish out more damage with the MK3.

Basically yes - the tank breaks the doctrine of "inferior" prem tank compared to the regular of the same tier. Not so blatantly like the T59 but it does.

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New soviet T3 light tank - LTP

I know what you are thinking.

This looks like a malnourished T-50. This may not be far from the truth.

The LTP is going to have 30mm armour all around, 30mm front, 30mm rear and 15/20 sides with 230 hp.

In terms of speed - 45 km forward, 18 backwards at 10 tons with 50 degrees hull traverse and 170 hp engine. Visible gun is the 45mm 20KL which is only found on premium tanks like the BT-SV, T-127 and the Valentine. Its the obvious give away that the LTP won't be in the tech tree, we just don't know how we'd receive it yet.
    I have to agree that it will probably be a reward tank, likely related to battle missions maybe? Or birthday/new years gift? The stats are hardly stellar - the T-127 beats it hands down in terms of protection and firepower...LTP is a bit faster indeed 45kmph compared to 38 kmph and with better traverse speed but T-127 has better power to weight ratio - 16/17 compared to 19.

Friday, 5 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 test E-25 german tank destroyer review

Finally we get to test the E-25.

The E-25 german TD is one veeery strange toy.  Short version is - a tiny fast firing and fast moving TD.
Long version...well here we go!

At 26 tons and 700 horsepowers, the E-25 packs more than 25 hp/ton when loaded with extra modules. That makes it faster than most med tanks. The top speed of 65 kmph is not for show - cruising speed is 50 and the tracks have good traverse too. As far as mobility goes, the E-25 steals the cake with flying colours.

With 830 hit points and fairly low armour, its not exactly built for slugging matches, but that's not the point of it anyway.

The E-25 is simply made in a way that suggests NOT getting shot at. Here you can see its size compared to a Hetzer. Yes - its about as tall as the ELC and with very good camo ratings too. The 75mm gun also has low demasking value when shooting. Basically your protection is camo, speed  a quiet gun and a tiny profile.

Your foes...are bottle necks. The E-25 is armed with L-70, a tried and tested weapon indeed, a true veteran of WoT ever since we had it on our panzer IVs.  0.3 accuracy and 1.5 aim time turns the E-25 into a masked MG position basically...However 150mm penetration at tier 7 puts you at a severe problem when bigger tanks arrive. Even with gold rounds, frontal penetrations are not easy. Of course you can (and should) simply flank the enemy and blast away with your 2700 DPM...but you can't do it at bottlenecks and choke points.

Oookay here's the verdict now. Nice tank, fun to play, but not for the average player. Its overpriced though - 7000 gold is a bit too much.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 test british artillery line stats

Well here they are, fresh from the test server.

First one is the lloyd gun carrier - a tiny fast moving 75mm armed arty piece.

Next one is the Sexton II which is quite like the one that was supposed to be a prem vehicle.

Tier 4 Birch gun has the same 25 pounder gun, but a veeery large traverse angle.

The Bishop is the first british arty to actually have a harder hitting gun.

After that we get something wicked. The FV304 is supposed to be an artillery piece. Only the low view range stops it from being a scout. 72 kmph top speed, 500 horse powers! Sure - the gun is the same 114mm  one from the Bishop, so as far as caliber goes the FV is the worst of the tier but still...

Nothing out of the ordinary with the crusader SPG...

Final line of british arty. A 152mm gun(hell its about time) and decent gun traverse.

 Same as above but with a 182mm gun...

Aaand the final word of british SPGs...233mm gun with 1.03 rate of fire, 8.5 seconds aiming time...and 1.1 accuracy?! Worse than T92...I sure hope the gun traverse compensates for it. No time to try it out yet.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

World of tanks 8.7 MT 25

Well, its coming alright. The long awaited removal and replacement of T50-2 is finally at the gates.

First of all - the replacement - the MT 25 will be tier 6, so don't go comparing it with the Leopard ok?
Crew, XP and everything else will be either compensated or transferred. Oookay so what do we get?
The MT 25 will be heavier, a bit slower on the acceleration - same top speed but the engine has only 50 extra horsepowers. Armour wise we have an improvement - nothing serious, but you never know nowadays.

The top gun remains the same - the 57mm Zys. A buff in RoF is likely, since the tank goes to tier 6. Considering the MM of T-50-2, its previous owners should not feel any issues with the guns. They were facing high tier tanks anyway, where the 57mm barely qualifies for self defence (and setting tiger tanks on fire). At first look the MT 25 seems a bit inferior due to the not so cosmic acceleration, however it might be better at maneuvering and also - we don't know the ground resistance yet. We get an equal tank at worst.