Sunday, 17 March 2013

Patch 8.5 new Soviet light tank T-60

Ahem, so - for patch 8.5 we will get new russian light tanks. First of those is the T-60, likely to be followed by T-70 and T-80. Back on topic now.

In the Tech tree listed in the Media section of WoT's sites, the T-60 is listed as a tier 2 tank, and truth to be said - its the only place where it fits.

Here is what is known about it from the web.

The original tank has a crew of 2, top speed of 44 kmph and a meager 70 hp engine, providing 12 hp/ton ratio. Its also quite small - barely 1.75m - the size of a Panzer I. There is more to this comparison with Panzer I by the way - since in terms of well...everything, the T-60 is more or less a russian version of Pz I.

Armament consists of 20mm autocannon in the real tank, with 37mm Zys-19 as planned replacement, so expect that in terms of guns as well as the 20mm and 23mm autocannons.

Armor will depend on which model we get. In the original T-60 - front will be 20mm, sides 15, rear 10 with turret 15/15/15.

The modernised  1942 version will have 35mm front,  25 sides,  and a 25/25/25 turret, which considering the slopes of the tank might be too much for tier 2.

In all likely hood we will get the original T-60, probably with a better engine as top, something close to 100 HP. This,combined with the autoguns will turn it into a Pz I by any other name. Giving it 1942 armor stats though, might make it a bit too powerful for tier 2, yet not strong enough for tier 3.

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