Tuesday, 12 March 2013

RU server statistic for the british TD's week 2.

The win rates remain mostly the same as the last ones. Clearly gold shells are not as prevailing as people thought, and shooting commander cupolas is not as easy as it seems. The moving bunkers of the british Td line, continue to enjoy higher than average win rate with the AT7 reaching a whooping 58%. Most people should have learned how to deal with the new machines by now... or so we thought. On top things look differently. The FV215b 183 is struggling to keep a win rate above 50%. While it is obviously a primary target for everyone looking for expert medals and due to the gun hype, same could be said of any new tier 10. It seems it was mostly hype, with very little proper bang.

The new german light tanks line seems to be all in the 50% bracket, give or take 0.5% so any fears of the new Leo, Luch, Pz II G and Pz IC getting nerfs/buffs is unfounded.

Well except the Pz I  which has a win rate of about 48% across all 3 servers.

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