Tuesday, 26 March 2013

VK7201 SuperLowe - third time lucky

More information was leaked about the VK7201 yesterday - namely well... everything. 

We get the armor layout, the gun stats, the module stats, the vehicle stats like health top speed and so on. 

All I can say is...This may not be such a fail tank after all, if we don't count the horrible looks. The turret is very well protected - the front is 240mm + another 240mm gun shield that covers most of it. Even the neck is well defended from the 120mm thick spaced armor collar that gives a combined 280mm protection, angles not included. It seems the turret can hold its own even against premium shells. Only the commanders cupola is vulnerable(as usual).

Side armor is 160mm thick, not counting the tracks, so you can side scrape with it with ease.

The gun is the same as on the E-100, with the same statistics to boost. Gun depression is -7% which is quite nice.

Fun fact - top speed is impressive - listed as 43 kmph but the power to weight ratio is about 10 horsepowers per ton so don't get excited. Still, downhill ramming with a 120 ton tank at 40-50 kmph? Count me in folks! 

The real cheese now - frontal armor is 240mm, LFP - 240 mm. Basically that means that the VK7201 will be impervious frontally to tanks like the Maus and IS7. The LFP is slightly angled - 20-30% which means that even 260mm penetrating guns will have problems with it. And lets not forget the 160mm side armor which means you can always angle slightly and get 300mm LFP.

Its not all roses though. The engine deck is thin 70mm and 40mm which means that artillery will have a field day delivering fire and brimstone to your poor head. The lack of spaced armor and side skirts will surely help them in this. 

Still I'd say we get a very good defensive tank that will take away the role of the Maus as a brick. As if the Maus was any good at it nowadays....


  1. So this is a Maus but faster and have a bigger gun
    Do you have any info about the new HT line?

  2. No idea. There are some possibilities that it will include a version of the Lowe tank that is ingame right now.

  3. Is this tank only ever going to be available from the CW campaign, or will it be sold as well?

  4. CW campaign only for the time being. Sorry. If they ever make it available for cash or gold, it won't be soon.