Monday, 18 March 2013

Patch 8.5 The T-70 light tank

While it was not officially announced, if you look at the russian tech tree you will see that the  T-60 is followed by the T-70 and T-80 light tanks in a small LT branch. Considering that they are all quite similar, small tier tanks, I see no reason for them not to be included in the same patch. Therefore its time to seee what the T-70 can offer?

At tier 3, the T-70 of real life was an upgunned and up-armoured T-60. It maintains a crew of 2 - commander and a driver. Weight is allmost twice that of the T-60 but the engine remains the same and so does ground clearance - this means that this tank will be no race car and the top speed of 45kmph will be there just for show. If they give it a bigger engine with say, 100-120 horsepowers, things change.

Armour wise its 35-45/45(there is spaced armor on the sides) 35 hull and 60/35/10 for the turret. Combined with a decent slope thats more than enough to retire the T-127 and the french prewar tanks in one go. In terms of offensive power, expect the two 45mm guns and Zys-19. Its possible but very unlikely they'd give this tank more. The 45mm and the Zys-190 are sufficient on tier 3 - anything more would push the tank too high in the armor+gun combo which might make it imbalanced. Even like that other light tanks will struggle with it frontally. Its

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