Monday, 4 March 2013

Supertest leak the Leopard 1

Now hold your horses and don't get too excited. This is not a modern version of the Leopard 1, as much as we wish so. Actually though I'm not sure, this looks like the 2nd Leopard 1 prototype(Disregard that, I do believe we are looking at Leopard 1 A2), not even the real thing. I could be wrong of course. Anyway the differences between the ingame Leopard 1 prototype and Leo 1 can't be that great. What I can see is a much thicker gun shield that would be more at home on a US high tier tank destroyer. Apart from that, hull armor can't be that different, so don't expect anything nice on that end. The weapon would still be the british 105mm L7, with HESH as the premium ammo as rumours go.  I'd say our best bet is to look at the british medium tanks when trying to speculate about the Leo. Compared to its t9 predecessor, Leopard 1 will probably get more horsepowers, giviing it faster acceleration with the same top speed, stronger turret front combined with good gun depression AND better RoF. Whether the RoF will be better than that of the FV4202 is still an enigma. Leopard 1 was a tank designed with the idea that you will hit first, and leave no room for retaliation - so accuracy and aim time should be on par with the E-50M, or even better.

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