Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Supertest leak Aufklärungspanzer Panther

Oookay take a deep breath and...well behold?

So yes - thats the new tier 7 german scout. If you think the chinese tanks were copy pasted, take a closer look here - panther hull, VK2801 turret with leopard turret as stock and the 10,5mm derp probably 75mm and(take a deep breath) the 75mm koniche as top gun. 850 HP engine. I mean...really?

Ok ok, let's be reasonable here first!

We wanted the Aufklarungspanzer Panther...I guess we simply did not know the thing we wanted in the first place.  Here's a model of the thing which shows what would be the stock configuration if things stay the same.

In a way the dev's had a cruel joke with us this time. They delivered EXACTLY what we wanted. No more no less.

Right then - about the Aufklarungpanzer Panther in detail. Ahem well do you have a Panzer V-IV? No? Well you can read up about it on the wiki and you will know exactly what to expect, since the Panzer V-IV is the same thing - a Panther hull with a Panzer IV turret, while the Aufklarung is a Panther hull with VK2801/Leopard turret. The difference is that one is tier 6 the other is tier 7. Of course this MIGHT change...but don't get your hopes up yet.

Anyway, if we use the Pz V-IV as reference, things don't look bright. Yes the tank will be mobile, since its going to be lighter than a panther with about 7-8 tons and with 100 horsepowers more. However that does not translate into scout like mobility - A T71 will be able to fly circles around it. The choice of guns is...rather stale if you ask me. The 105mm derp gun is a tried and tested one, but on Tier 7 it starts losing some of its oomph. The 75mm konich? No, just NOPE! Its a pay to win gun on the VK3601 and it WILL be the same on the Aufklarung, unless they change it. I mean - 65 dmg per shot? Really now?

Now on the other hand if you give it APCR as normal ammo you get a scout that significantly outguns the normal Panther I, hell it will outgun the heavy tanks too!

Oh yeah - the last fun fact. Gun depression on the V-IV is barely -3 +17. Same as a chinese tank. That means the Aufklarung will handle very poorly in hills. Needless to say - its a much, much bigger target than the other scouts too. Hopefully they will give it more health, however with the Panther one sitting at 1200 HP, they can't give the Aufklarung more than say - 1000/1100.

All in all, not everything is bright in the new german line.

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