Sunday, 18 May 2014

War thunder tanks

Sooo I've been playing War Thunder ground forces....gotta admit I like it a lot. There are no invisible tanks, You fight at proper tank combat ranges, the tanks themselves feel much better.

Also - since its all about penetrating hits and not about hit points, you stand a decent chance of killing something big with something small. I mean - let's be reasonable - only ways for you to nail a 2-3 tiers bigger tank in World of Tanks are kill stealing. In War Thunder its doable. Yes, it takes luck and tactics and a little bit of daring but your dinky panzer III can take out a King Tiger on its own.

The way artillery works could use some fixing - especially the time delay - its too short. its a great way to remove campers though and you need to get close to be able to deliver a precise strike.

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