Thursday, 9 January 2014

Bunch of supertest leaks

It seems 2014 will be the Year of premium tanks. Not new nations or trees.

Lets see what we can learn.
T95E6 will have a crew of 4 - commander will be radioman too.

The Grosstraktor - Loltraktor's big brother - armed with short 75mm. Not sure if it will be tier2 or tier 3. It will be great on 2, not so much on tier 3.

T23E3 - yep thats the old T23 returning as a US prem  tank on tier 7. It will be armed with a 76mm gun however. I doubt that will be an issue - Ersatz Panther is doing fine.

Not a word on japanese heavy tanks...or TDs or LTs or anything... Hmmm

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