Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The new medals in 8.11

New patch - new medals! Some old ones will be moved to the special category too. The sniper medal will have to go - replaced by the Sniper tanker medal. Difference in achievement - most damange in team, at least 1000 damage, at range 300m+, with 85% accuracy and 80% penetrating shots. Random battles only.
Now the old sniper medal could easily be farmed - say with an MG tank and point-blank shots. This one rings true to the meaning - you have to be a sniper.
 Main caliber - be the damage dealer, at least 20% of total enemy health, at least 1000 damage. Random battles only.
 Last survivor on map - no SPGs allowed. Well, this one is pretty straight forward.
 Win streak medal for 3+ victories in random teams
 Marksmanship - 100 times first by damage in battle
 Armored fist - that one's for the steam rolling - Win while losing no more than 1 vehicle.
Excellent preparation - another streak medal like the Marksmanship, this one is about 100 times on top for experience in battle.

As they say - out with the old, in with the new. This also gives Wargaming even more options for events (earning king of the hill might be tricky and cause the occasional team killing....)

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