Sunday, 18 May 2014

From one disaster to another - Nation vs Nation and historical battle mode

It seems Wargaming just can't get it right.
First it was the Nation vs Nation mode - a bit fun until you realize that its all Hellcats, KV1Ss and various other one-type-of-vehicle-only teams. Which obviously made it quite one sided in certain cases.

Aaand now Historical mode. On paper - Hell, its about time.
In reality - the same damn problem. Case in point - I've been unable to play historical battle mode since it was released. There's barely any interest it in it seems. I mean - there are like 5 guys in the queue and they are all sitting in King Tigers, waiting for the Ardene operation or lake Ballaton. See the problem here? There isn't much incentive for players to go with allied/soviet vehicles only to get curbstomped. There is a limit on how well you can do in your tier 6 tanks versus tier 7 and 8. While you could outmaneuver and maybe win versus a tier 7 Panther if you had an elite Hellcat, good luck doing it with just 76/75mm guns! Aaaand you can forget going after the King Tigers. He only needs to be lucky once. You need to be lucky 5-6 times to do some damage and make him retreat.

I will be trying to get into it again soon, right now I'm busy with War Thunder Ground forces. Its good comparison honestly....

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