Saturday, 18 January 2014

8.11 patch notes

- Supertesters get three new vehicles for testing: T23E3 (US tier 7 premium medium tank), T95E6 (US tier 10 reward tank), Grosstraktor Krupp (tier 3 German premium medium tank)
- new map “Windstorm”, 1000x1000m, European winter map, semi-city map
- fixed some game elements on the following maps: Erlenberg, Redshire, Highway, North-West
- completely removed the Port map from all the game modes
- added new map “Ruinberg on fire” – Ruinberg with rain and fires going
- added new map “Winter Himmelsdorf” – winter version of general Himmelsdorf
- fixed the bug where you can enter the building inside the cap circle in Himmelsdorf Encounter
- improved the game performance (SS: FPS) on maps Fisherman’s Bay, Serene Coast, Severogorsk and Ensk
- fixed the excessive brightness of some effects on certain maps

Mechanics and fixes
- added new mode, “National battle”, in which the teams are balanced based on the nation of origin of the tanks
- added new group operations with the crew: mass retraining of the entire crew on the new tank and the one-click return of the old crew
- added the option to disable the battle chat (only text messages – you will still see the “command wheel” commands and pings)
- added the option to view the chat history
- added new icon for the situation when the tank is on fire, analogical to the drowning icon
- added the option of disabling the killcam (viewing the tank that killed you)
- the mission/discount window – some improvements were added
- when you rightlick on a tank in your garage, new option was added to go straight to that tank’s statistics
- research window now has an option to go to that tank you are viewing in the hangar
- added the option to activate fire extinguisher by left-clicking the fire icon in the left lower corner of the screen
- after the destruction of your tank, the camera will now first cycle to the tank of your platoon member and other tanks after that
- added the reload time remaining to the “reloading” message (from the command circle)
- added new markers to the aim reticle settings
- fixed the bug where the mastery badges “disappear” for many players
- fixed the chat and voice chat in team battles
- fixed sharp drop of FPS on some PC configurations, when looking closely at some of the Japanese tanks
- fixed the way visual camo works: now, if you buy camouflage pattern for gold, it gets stored and you can return to it later if you buy other camo of the same type
- added new “Hero of the Battle” medals: “Main Caliber” (for doing damage) and “Tanker-Sniper” (for doing damage at distance over 300 meters)
- the “Sniper” medal was moved from “sniper” to “special” category, in the achievement window you will be able to see how many Sniper medals you got and on what vehicles. It will not be possible to recieve Sniper medals anymore.
- added several new awards especially for team battles
- added the option to actually see you fulfilled the conditions for the mastery badge, even if you already have one for that vehicle
- optimized the motion blur effect
- added the modifiers, influencing the skill level of the crewman to the crewman personal window
- ricochets were reworked graphically
- Raisenai Heroes medal was visually reworked
- fixed the replays mechanism (they sometimes were saved with bugs or not at all)
- fixed the speed meter when the tank is moving backwards
- insignia of tankers of all nations brought to one standard
Vehicle changes

- fixed the bugs in size of Type 59, T-54, WZ-120, Nashorn
- fixed the armor of Foch 155, Foch and AMX AC 48
- rebalanced some parameters of following vehicles: Foch 155, T110E4, T110E3, Object 268, WT E-100
- increased the profitability (money-making ability) of following tanks: Lowe, T34, 112, T-34-3, FCM50t, M6A2E1
- MM weight of artillery reduced by 10 percent
- following tanks have the suspension damage model detailization standardized: T29, T32, T34, M37, M41, Chaffee, Pershing, T92, Hellcat, M4A2E4, M46 Patton, M103, T57, T110E5, T26E4, T110E4, T110E3, M44, M53/M55, T69, M60
- M44 was drowning too early, it was fixed

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