Monday, 20 January 2014

Nation versus Nation battle mode

So...nation versus nation huh? You'll finally get to put your panzers versus t-34s, churchills against shermans etc.

Basics are obvious - teams are formed out of tanks of one nation only. Japan and China can't play it - since they don't have all branches of tanks available.

That leaves us with US, USSR, Germany, France and Britain. As with other special game modes in World of tanks it will likely be available after tier 4.

Let's see where does that leave us?

Tier4-6 battle - Germans get Vk-s, panzers and the occasional hummel. Soviets - t34-85s, SU-100s and KV1S. French ? ARL44, BDR - amx 12t and some elcs for good measure. M6, various shermans and hellcats for US teams - churchills, cromies and crusaders for brits with some AT2/8s too. Needless to say from this set up - french teams will be used as a punch bag by everyone else. Soviet teams will rule supreme due to KV1s EVERYWHERE, and germans brits and yankees being average as usual.

Things change in a tier 10 battle though - How about a team made of bat chats, foches and 50B? Not so fun anymore, is it? Not sure how is this supposed to balance out, or if it is supposed to balance out at all. After all - war is not fair. Test server comes soon so we will be able to check it out.

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