Saturday, 25 January 2014

8.11 supertest vehicle stats

Here are the armor schematics and soft stats for the new prem tanks in supertester hands.

First the grobtraktor - tier 3 german heavy. Alas - it will be tier 3

Yep - food for MG tanks and well, anyone who can fire HE shells.
 On the other hand - decent mobility, high health - 320, and 75mm L/24 which can deliver some HE pain on its own, especially when combined with low aim time - 2.1 seconds and 12 degrees of gun depression. The grobtraktor certainly won't win games by itself, but it will certainly claim 2-3 kills with ease.

T23E3 - alias - the designated brawler med. - high rate of fire, reverse speed equal to the forward speed(!) 10 degrees gun depression combined with decent turret for some hull-down action.

 Power to weight ratio could be better, so I'd suggest taking relevant modules/skills to improve mobility.

Finally - the T95E6
 Nothing too impressive armour wise - only the turret front can be expected to bounce shots.

Its faster than pattons but with lower power to weight ratio. DPM is decent but the gun accuracy and aim time are a bit worse than on E5 and pattons respectively.

Overall its not bad, but its not outstanding either. Acceptable as CW reward.

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