Friday, 14 March 2014

Patch notes 9.0

- new vehicles: Panzer IV Ausf.A (tier 3), Panzer IV Ausf.D (tier 4), StuG III Ausf.B (tier 4)
- fixed maps: Malinovka, Serene Coast, Steppes, Redshire, Mountain Pass
- added historical battles
- removed the “confrontation” mode I guess that was to be expected.
- added new window of graphic settings
- added the dynamic resolution option (reduction of game resolution while keeping the UI resolution the same)
- added the possibility to manually set your FOV in settings
- added the option to set the “power” (intensity) of color filters
- added turrets being ripped off after ammo rack explosion
- reworked tank exhausts (smoke) effect
- added the keyboard language indicator on the login screen
- added new awards (medals) for team battles: “Recon by combat”, “God of War”, “For the Will to Win”, “Decisive Shot”, “For Tactical Operations”
- fixed some bugs and added improvements in the “Vehicles” section of the Achievement window
- reworked the “Statistics” section in the Achievements window
- changed the wording of the Steel Wall award
- Light Tank Mk.VIc and T7 CC buffed

- maximum forward speed changed from 38,6 to 56 km/h
- maximum reverse speed changed from 16 to 20 km/h
- ammo carried from 1100 to 1350 rounds
- rate of fire from 450 to 550 RPM
- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 22 to 27mm


- maximum firing range from 350 to 395 meters
- penetration from 25 to 27mm

- term “potential damage” changed into “damage blocked by your armor”
- fixed bugs in voice chat
- fixed the bug where the aim circle was displayed incorrectly in replays
- fixed the bug where artillery shells fell outside of the aiming circle in arty mode
- fixed the bug where artillery shells exploded in mid-air
- fixed freezing of the account when quitting the game

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