Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Reason why RU servers got the siege of Leningrad event

The event allowed some ridicilous credit production to be achieved - up to +70% credits for all vehicles, prem tanks included. Needless to say that allows some serious dosh production, 200-250k would be the norm for my KV5 per battle. One could make several millions credits per day with ease.

Anyway - reason for that is...marketing.

Yep - marketing. As you should know RU server management proudly announced reaching yet another milestone - 1 000 000 players online simultaneously. Yep - thats right 1 million.  Now Wargaming can boast yet another record, for the meager price of giving RU players a bone...well more like a huge chunk of ham with honey-mustard on it. And well, who would't skip a work day to inflate his account with credits or teach the wife/kid/dog how to click Battle and shoot the tanks with red icons? (Dog might have an issue there)

 Shame about EU, US, and SEA servers...but thats life :)

I dunno, folks, anything we are unique with that we can use to get something similar? Except the fact that we pay per player a lot more than RU server?


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