Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Wot Funnies 15 - semi gif edition

Nation vs Nation on Monastery map - USSR vs France
French team - 1 AMX50B, 10 batchats, 1 batchat 155 and 3x AMX48
- Whoa a whole band of drummers!
- Wait what about the 48s?
other team - Bas guitars.
 New medal - Defiant
Given for 20 battles on a notebook when the wife takes away your mouse.
New medal - Indomitable
Given for 100 battles on your mouse once the wife takes away your notebook.

Playing platoon with 2 buddies. 3 AM, in the middle of the night. Suddenly the E-100 cries in the TC
-Help*cough* help!
me- What is it?
friend 2- Nothing on map, arty?
E-100- Guys Help!*Cough*
Our batchats swing around the map and find his E-100 alone, rammed in a rock
me - Dude, what is it?
E-100 - Help! *cough* My wife is choking me!

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