Tuesday, 1 July 2014

0.9.2 Supertest patchnotes

French tank changes
- AMX50B: gun aim time buffed from 3s to 2,5s
German tank changes
Aufklärungspanzer Panther
- reload time of 7,5/5,5 cm Waffe 0725 for turret VK 28.01 Ausf. C buffed from 4s to 3,4s
- aim time for 9 cm Bordkanone buffed from 2,9 s to 2,7 s
- reload time for the same gun buffed from 7,5 s to 7,2 s
Leopard 1
- 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9 s to 8,7 s

Leopard Prototype A
- reload time for the 105mm gun in stock turret buffed from 14 s to 13 s
- aim time for 9cm Bordkanone in stock turret buffed from 2,9 s to 2,5 s
- reload time for the 105mm gun in elite turret buffed from 12 s to 11,1 s
RhB Waffentrager
- 128mm gun reload time nerfed from 10,9 secs to 11,15 secs
Stug Ausf.G
- carrying capacity of both tracks increased by cca 3 tons
- vehicle became 3,14 tons heavier (SS: this is unclear)
WT E-100
- gun accuracy spread from moving and turning the hull nerfed by 25 percent
- 128mm gun lost 1 shell in the autoloader, reload time of the 128mm autoloader buffed from 60 s to 52 s
- reload time for 128mm L/61 nerfed from 10,9 s to 11,6 s
- reload time for 128mm L/55 nerfed from 10 s to 10,6 s
- reload time for 150mm L/29,5 nerfed from 16 s to 17 s
- reload time for 150mm L/38 nerfed from 16 s  to 17 s
Japanese tank changes
- repair costs of Type 97 Te-Ke reduced by 5 percent
British tank changes
- 183mm HESH penetration (FV215b 183) nerfed from 275mm to 230mm
- FV4202 105mm gun reload time buffed from 9,3 s to 8,6 s
American tank changes
- M46 Patton aim spread from moving and turning the hull reduced (buffed) by 7 percent for stock suspension, 8 percent for elite one
- 105mm T5E1M2 accuracy buffed from 0,42 to 0,4
- 105mm T5E1M2 gun spread from turning the turret reduced (buffed) by 14 percent for stock turret, 17 percent for elite turret
Soviet tank changes
- Object 263′s 130mm S-70A reload time buffed from 11s to 10,7s
- SU-100M1: LB-1S gun reload time buffed from 6,9s to 5,9s
- SU-101: D-54S gun reload time buffed from 7,1s to 6,7s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: D-54S reload time buffed from 6,8s to 6,5s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- SU-122-54: 122mm M62-S2 reload time buffed from 10s to 9,2s, accuracy buffed from 0,36 to 0,35
- T-44 – LB-1 reload time for turret T-44-100 buffed from 8,6s to 8,1s
Other changes

- added “Stronkhold” clan mode
- reworked following maps: Sacred Valley, Cliff, Sand River, Hidden Village, Erlenberg, El-Halluf, Airport, Komarin
- added new reworked Prokhorovka map
- reworked the snowstorm effect on Kharkov map
- fixed the bug on Pearl River map where a tank is launched into the sky by interacting with some objects
- fixed the bug where windows on Abbey and Kharkov map buildings flicker
- reworked the collision models of some broken windows on Kharkov map, now they can be shot through
- fixed the collision model of bridge arcs on the Windstorm map
- fixed the red/green line in artillery mode, now it will be displayed as red if the line of fire is crossed by another tank
- fixed the bug where the autoaim got stuck in replays
- fixed the bug where the tanks on sloped surfaces “twitched”
- added 6 new medals for Team Battles
- reworked the HD tank display, now, only player’s tank is displayed in HD (SS: Storm states that this was actually wrongly written in patchnotes – HD model tanks other than your own will still use HD textures, but with reduced (halved) resolution)
- added balance corrections for many tanks


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