Friday, 31 May 2013

World of tanks patch 8.6 - changed tank models

A number of tanks in world of tanks 8.6 will look slightly, or in some cases quite differently.

In some cases changes are minor - in some they could be quite crucial. First comes E-100 - turret is moved forward a bit.

Matilda black prince gets a smaller turret with greater gun depression. A buff to it through and through. No one ever said no to greater gun depression.

AMX 50-B gets slightly smaller as a whole. Not much but it might save you from a few shots.
 Very minor difference in the Su85B - the gun shield.
 Now leopard is another deal - we get a new model of it. Oh well, can't be all roses right?
Finally - Super pershing. A slight change in the front welded armor - the angle is reduced a bit. This will make it less effective, but on the other hand with all the penetration and HEAT/APCR shells nerfs, its debatable exactly how much will its effectiveness be reduced or if at all.

It seems things are not what they seem to be with artillery by the way...Still, plenty of time - Patch will be in testing for at least a week.

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