Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Things that buff the Maus in 8.6


I like the Maus. I love the Maus. It was my first tier 10 tank back in closed beta and my first tier 10 after world of tanks was released. It was sad to see it decline to the role of a speed bump and dust collector.

This became its most common form  on the battlefield... A wreck.

However the incoming patch brings us oh so many things that will improve its performance that one just has to gather the old gang and put them back in the 200 ton beast.

The global arty nerf

Pretty self explanatory. The global arty nerf helps all tanks equally, but some tanks are more equal than others...or at least used to be easier targets and thus were targeted by arty more often. Sadly, even T92 often manages to reload before the Maus could reach the next  solid cover.

The "Superheavy" spall liner

Reducing incoming artillery splash damage by 1/3, this would help even further in that regard. The Maus would be able to comfortably handle 150/155mm guns and smaller HE shells might as well be firecrackers.

The global penetration nerf

German 128mm guns are one of the few unaffected. With about 10-20mm less penetration on almost everyone else, the raw numbers of armor thickness that the Maus has will be effective again in duels with other tier 10s.

The new HEAT shell mechanic

If it wasn't enough, the new HEAT shell mechanics mean that the huge tracks of the Maus will be quite the obstacle for HEAT shells, especially combined with the side skirt. Maus and E-100 are the tanks that benefit most from this.

All in all This...

Would again become an impenetrable steel wall - not an XP pinata

The gun accuracy buff

Both a boon and a curse - other tanks will be better able to hit your weak spots, but then again they did it easily enough before that or had higher penetration on all shell types so this will hopefully even itself out. On the other hand the Maus always had the same gun, which quickly became obsolete and better overall accuracy will help it.

The new camo mechanic
Its not much, but having camo paint will actually give you a few extra meters...meanwhile bushes won't be so effective - so everyone else will be easier to spot. It may sound small, but every little thing helps when they all combine.

Well then, time to buy some cheese and set the mouse traps?


  1. "Reducing incoming artillery splash damage by 1/3" This is just wrong. It increases the armor by 1/3 against explosions from the outside. This means: only when the HE does not penetrate you will get a 1/3 bonus on armor when calculating damage done. in the end it's about 1/3 more reduction than you had in 8.5, but that's not 1/3 of the overall damage less.

    This will probably reduce the damage of fast firing arties like french arties by a lot, but you might not even notice it against T92s...

    I have seen a comparison somewhere, but can't find it right now...

  2. How about we wait until tomorrow and find out first hand? Test is starting either then or in friday.