Saturday, 25 May 2013

The new map in 8.6 - Korea

With the advent of so many vehicles from the Cold/Korean war, having a map for them to play in is a logical next step.

So, the new map in World of tanks 8.6 is called Korea.

It looks nice especially with those blossoming trees, but don't let looks deceive you...I spy with my little eye an open map without much hard cover. A way of saying "Sorry" to arty players for the big nerfs they get.  There is going to be variation at least I hope - if the minimap is any indication - the map has plenty of possible routes and its likely a good number of those low hills will be easy victories for light tanks who like mountain climbing.

So many roads, means fewer possible choke points. Can't say I'm complaining. Test is coming very soon anyway so we will see it first hand.

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