Saturday, 25 May 2013

Detailed info on the First global map campaign.

After the grand announcement with trailers and all - new info has come out for the grand campaign.

The first stage is called "Landlords"

Here's the WG announcement. I'm marking points of interest.

Ahem - to quote.


1.At the start of the first campaign’s initial stage the global map will be temporarily locked, starting from 08:50 to 13:00 CEST (GMT+2) on the 10th of June.
 2. At this time, a full wipe of the Global Map will be performed:
  • All provinces will become neutral
  • All scheduled battles will be cancelled
  • All chips will be returned to clan reserves and made available (their cooldown will be reset)
  • All spies and counter-spies will be removed from the map
  • Riots will be disabled. This also includes riots that have already started
  • Ransacks will be disabled
  • The income of ransacked provinces will be restored
3. The ‘Re-division of the World’ mode will be enabled. All provinces available on the Global Map will receive the status of landing province and will be available for landing applications.
4. All battles during ‘Re-division of the World’ will be performed on Tier I vehicles.
5. During ‘Re-division of the World’ the maximum number of applications for each landing tournament will be limited to 32. Every hour, the system will randomly shuffle last turn’s applications and add them to the end of the accepted applications. Once the limit is reached, all applications beyond 32 clan-participants will be cancelled. All chips used for such unsuccessful applications will be sent to the clan’s reserve without additional penalties (no cooldown).
Please note that NPC’s (neutral province owners) will lose in the case of a draw in the final battle with the landing clan.
6. The colour of the province background will chang from grey to pink and red, as available landing slots are filled. More clans applying for the same tournament will result in the colour changing to a darker red.
7. The global map will be closed for players on June 11th for one hour in order to start the  stage.
8. The ‘Re-division of the World’ mode will be turned off. All standard provinces will lose their ‘landing’ status and all chips that have not participated in landing tournaments will be returned to the clan’s reserve without additional penalties. The number of applications for each landing tournament will be extended to 256.
9. Victory points will be credited to all clans that have conquered at least one province during ‘Re-division of the World’. Clans will receive 1000 Victory points for each province owned.
10. Victory points will be credited to all clans that own provinces when the ‘Re-division of the World’ mode is disabled. All key provinces will have a 6 000 Gold daily income and have a special icon: 
  • 5 000 Victory Points for each regular province
  • 15 000 Victory Points for each ‘key’ province
A List of ‘key’ provinces may be found below:
  • Arkhangelsk Region (East)
  • Tatarstan
  • Stalingrad
  • Najaf
  • Southern Finland
  • Kiev Region
  • Transylvania
  • Thrace
  • El Alamein
  • Finnmark
  • Stockholm
  • Mazovia
  • Brandenburg
  • Central England
  • Switzerland
  • Lazio
  • Castile-La Mancha
  • Mascara
  • An Nuqat al Khams
  • Western Al Wahat
  • El Aaiún
  • Western Adrar
  • Louga
  • Centre-Ouest Region
  • Bauchi
  • Northern Agadez
  • Fada
  • Eastern Cameroon
11. Automatic Victory Points distribution is enabled for each step until the end of the stage. Rules are as follows:
  • Capturing a regular province grants 5000 Victory Points
  • Capturing a key province grants 15000 Victory Points
  • Losing a regular province takes away 5000 Victory Points
  • Losing a key province takes away 15000 Victory Points
12. During the first stage Tier limits will start at Tier I and will be gradually increased during the stage. The schedule for these changes:
  • 10th of June. ‘Re-division of the world’. Tier I limit
  • 11th of June. Tier II limit
  • 12-13th of June. Tier III limit
  • 14-15th of June. Tier IV limit
  • 16-17th of June. Tier V limit
  • 18-19th of June. Tier VI limit.
13. After the first stage ends, Clan Wars will be locked in order to prepare for Stage II.
14. All clans that have owned at least one province during Stage I will receive 500 Victory Points. This amount does not depend on how many provinces the clan owned or the length of time they owned them.
15. Players of the clan that received the highest amount of Victory Points by the end of Stage I will receive a ‘By Iron and Blood’ achievement. To receive this medal, the player has to have participated in at least 5 battles in the first stage of the Campaign.
16. Players of clans that have the Top 5 Victory Points scores for the first Stage will receive a special clan tank (M60). To receive this tank, the player has to have participated in at least 5 battles in the first stage of the Campaign.
We would like to draw your attention to the fact that all special clan tanks will be credited after the Campaign ends.

17. Special achievements will be given to players of clans that are owners of specific territories by the end of the ‘Landlords’ stage. To receive one of these achievements, the player has to have participated in at least 5 battles in the first stage of the Campaign.


Ahem. 2 main points - one - the tier limits. We fight with tier 1 to 6! Awesome. I can dust off my hellcat and associates.

And also - the bit with the special tanks. I am not sure...but as far as I can see you need to be part of the clan, take part in battles AND stay as part of the clan for the whole campaign to get an M60.  That means the "hoppers" who'd join (or pay to join) a big clan to get an M60 will be limited. We don't know how many stages there are and a clan can't afford to pick a lot of average and bad players and let them play all the time. That could risk the entire enterprise.

Still - I find it decent at least. Its not impossible to win a landing in these circumstances and even hold it. A lot of small clans might get their first taste of global map gold. Don't forget that the event is, as far as schedule goes, staged to go AFTER patch 8.6, and in 8.6 its said a lot more global map regions would be open. Time will tell. There is barely 2 weeks until then.

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