Thursday, 16 May 2013

Wargaming's attempt to bring aggressiveness back in World of tanks with patches 8.6 and 8.7

Because...well, thats what it is.

I believe everyone by now knows what will happen in the coming 1-2 patches.

Artillery will get the big nerf bat. Aim time, accuracy, reload speeds...they all get reduced by at least 25%. The God guns (200mm+)  all have RoF starting 1. something, accuracy has reached values like 0.9 on some. Hell - the Batchat 155 has a base reload speed of 80 seconds. Sooo basically arty gets it. Biggest coffin nail in the game's history, but thats not all.

Almost all high tier guns(on HTs and MTs) get their penetration values reduced. No more 400 mm HEAT shells. No more 350mm APCR shells. Point and click shooting will have to be abandoned. All derp guns also take a big kick in the HEATS. No more Sherman derp, Panzer Derp or KV 1 Derp. Or at least not with the same impact.

What does this mean? It means artillery will no longer enforce camping everywhere - only tanks that camp in bushes will be vulnerable - good luck hitting a moving target with a 0.5-0.9 accuracy gun. It means Tank destroyers become highly valuable, due to being the only ones left with 400mm penetration guns. The power creep in the game will take a severe blow. When EVERYONE is getting nerfed - no one can complain about being singled out. Survival chances will increase I'd say by an order of magnitude.

It means you might wanna do like me and dust off one particular fellow that has been sitting in my garage, lonely and abandoned for many months - the crew serving in other vehicles. German 128mm and 150mm guns keep their values. Rather the rest are being brought down to (nearly) their level. When Serb and company promised a buff to the Maus, they were not kidding.

Joke aside - its a very very very bold decision. No argument here. That's not a minor +0.5 RoF -0.1 second aim time change. They are pretty much changing the whole game! I'd say for the better too.  The current situation was a Gordian Knot. Wargaming plans to solve it just like Alexander did. If they stay true to this course, I'd give them some leeway for trying to cash in with the 112 heavy tank. If nothing else the decision and the bravery behind the decision deserve it.

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