Friday, 31 May 2013

World of tanks 8.6 test - new shot dispersion video example

Note - preferably watch it on full screen.

First thing to try for me, was the new shot dispersion system. For this I used the Leopard scout, with the mk 108 cannon. With its 3 round burst it made it easy to show the difference.

First part of the video is from 8.5 on Karelia. As you can see with the old system, usually 1 out of 3 shots flies at the edge or near the edge of the aiming circle. However then we switch to the new system - with test shots fired on Murovanka and Redshire. The bursts are much better grouped - where were even a few "triple" taps when they hit almost the same spot. The final test was actual accuracy against the new SU 14-1 at a range of 380 meters - the 30mm autocannon behaves like the other small calibers and the shot  disappears after 400 meters so you can't provide a better example. Like I said - the new system benefits machinegun, autocannon and autoloader tanks greatly. The effective range of the Leo is now equal to its max range of 400 meters.

Unfortunately the test server is again clogged with 50-60 thousand long queue so its unlikely I will be able to dig out something else soon.

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