Friday, 10 May 2013

World of tanks - British Artillery - the tier 2 Loyd Gun carrier

Unlike with the Birch gun, here we can with certainly say - this one will be tier 2.

The Loyd (Shortened from Carden-Loyd) Gun carrier will be the humble start of the british artillery line...when we get it that is. 

The only problem at hand which conversion are we talking about? The British made a lot of then in the early days of the war, using both the Carden Loyd carrier and the universal carrier. I think this one might be what we are looking at, or at least one of its versions. 

The Loyd carrier is mostly identical to the Bren gun carrier, so much can be deduced by looking at the existing British tier 2 tank destroyer - the Universal carrier 2 pounder. With the same top speed - 48 kmph, same size, same weight (well probably a bit more...the gun will be heavier but I doubt it will be more than 5 tons tops) and hell, even the same V8 Ford engine, we are looking at a small, nimble and fast moving artillery piece. Of course armour wise you will be dead if someone just looks in your direction. 

Still, it will be fast, light, hard to spot (same size as the Universal carrier) and probably armed with something shooting very fast. I do believe we are looking at T57 "light" - you will be able to move together with the main force, rather than stay behind. Needless to say - the Loyd Gun carrier will probably be the ingame vehicle with lowest HP, or at least sharing the first place. 

As for the guns....Arrrgh, now thats the biggest problem with speculating about British SPGs! They loved their 25 pounders and thats it...

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