Sunday, 2 June 2013

World of tanks 8.6 test - more changed models.

 Apart from the ones listed previously - here are a few more changed models for 8.6

First one is the SU 14. It gets eh...thinner but taller. I guess it will be slightly smaller target than a barn. Oh who are we kidding its still the size of a bus. Considering that accuracy of all tanks is greatly improved, you might as well slap a "Hit me" sign on it.

A very nearly cosmetic change on the Su 18. Why I'm saying very nearly? Well it could result in better horizontal gun traverse. I'm not sure, could someone who doesn't have to wait for hours check and confirm this?

Finally a definitively cosmetic only change on the Su-26. I doubt anyone would have noticed if not for the patch notes.

Hmmm I wonder what's in store for 9.0 if its supposed to be even bigger than 8.6? Time will usual.

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