Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The new EVERYTHING in the coming patches

You know - that word I said in the previous post about the FB page - Revolution? Yes, its kinda like that.

So many things change at once that well, most of the already known patterns in World of Tanks will have to be relearned.

We already know about the artillery nerfs.

The global penetration nerfs of most tier X cannons.

New gig though - HEAT shells will become noticeably less effective against spaced armor- losing 5% penetration for every 10 sm traveled after impact. Now consider how far outreaching are the E-100's skirts, the fact that tracks also count as spaced armor, and suddenly your German tank driver face cracks a smile for the first time in years. Makes sense, considering how HEAT shells work. Hell, they were already called Best method for tracking enemy tanks in RU server...

Reworked camo system. - Nets and paint will provide a fixed bonus - not a percentage. Concealment in bushes will be harder. Basically big vehicles will actually get some benefit from having camouflage, but overall, staying hidden might get a bit trickier than before. Hard to say yet.

Overall accuracy change.

This is probably not entirely correct, but still something. Auto loader and machinegun tanks will love it. Basically the faulty shells flying to the edge of the aiming circle will be reduced almost 4 times.

I mean come on - how do you even start handling all this at once, without a supertest server up so that we can see it first hand? Thats pretty much the majority of the game mechanics - spotting, camo, penetration, gun behaviour, artillery.

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