Tuesday, 21 May 2013

The global map campaigns

Well then it seem that WG is finally trying to make something out of Clan wars, that will, in fact attract people.


The "Global Map campaign" announcements just flied in on all servers.

Essentially - its a staged Global Map event, as far as one can say so far. It will be...a campaign - with specific goals, so I believe certain territories will have to be captured or defended etc. The prices seem to be good at first look. The so called victory points will be converted into gold - let's hope they are given for battles won, not just for objectives completed and top players can get an M60 Patton. Well there are some unique medals flying in too, but I doubt many people care for a piece of colored ribbon...especially a digital one. Looks promising so far - especially the info that all tier of tanks will be used. Let's hope they are true to that word. Many of us have lower tier "pub stompers" that we are keen to employ.

However - 1 more fact must be noted - after the event, the Global map will be wiped (!)  old clans that have been sitting on some provinces for years will have to reclaim them. If they can that is. I think this is well, the most important thing from the announcement. It also suggests that there will be more wipes after every such Global map campaign...

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