Thursday, 16 May 2013

World of tanks 8.6 Chinese tier 8 premium tank - 112

Wargaming is not like Blizzard. When Blizzard's mountain of cash starts looking smaller than Mount Everest, they just ask themselves - okay what we have NOT done yet? Thus we get things like king-fu pandas. Of course they might run out of ideas at this rate but hey, thats their problem. Wargaming on the other hand knows exactly what to do. When in doubt - release another premium tank with the potential to overshadow regulars from the same tier. It was tried and tested with the T59, the SU 122-44 and IS6 and now we get the chinese 112.

But what do we get actually?

First of all - we get a very well armoured tank.  120mm UFP with decent slope, I think its 55 degrees but I can't be sure. That your front will be invulnerable to anything under 200 mm penetration, and even to those at a distance. The turret is very respectable - even the commander cupolas are well protected. Basically we get a vehicle with very tough front - better than the IS 6 and roughly equal to the IS 3, though in some areas it beats the IS 3 too. You just can't find a fault here.

Things would be fine, except that the 112 has a top speed of 45 kmph too - enough to push it forward, even if only downhill. All in all its going to be at least as fast as the IS 6. If not faster...

Biggest gripe now...the gun. Yes its a good olde 122mm(175mm pen - 390 dmg for AP) of sorts...5 RoF, very good aim time 3.1 seconds. Aaaand a 300 mm HEAT shell....and high ammo capacity - 45 shells. Combine this with all above and add the decent view range - 380m and well, I believe everyone can connect the dots. The 112 has the potential to dominate tier 7-9 at least judging by the stats.

Not funny Wargaming...not funny!


  1. i suppose the gun depression is shit then?

  2. Bad penatration with ap shells

  3. It has lousy gun depression, great gun, and if you angle the tank right it bounces a lot of shots. The only real weakness on the front is the lower glacis. Sides and rear have paper armor. If you keep to terrain where gun depression is not a big deal, and keep the lower half of you hull, hull down (especially the front), you should be able to dominate. As for difficulty penetrating opponents, you need to just know where to shoot if you are having pen difficulties. This is my favorite tank to play, and I average 2k-2.5k damage per game in this tank.