Wednesday, 10 April 2013

World of tanks 8.5 M60 Patton current stats and armour values.

Something makes me think the M60 is the least expected of the coming special Tier 10 tanks. Its quite similar to the M48 Patton - nothing new to see here except the IF searchlight on the turret.

I suppose that's not so bad actually - nobody will be disappointed - we just get another Patton tank with very similar behavior  A bit less hull armour, a bit more accurate gun with a tenth of a second faster aiming. All in all nothing new here, unlike the Magic Pancake Object 907 tank and the VK7201 K Fail Lowe. On the other hand the tank won't have any noticeable flaws like the above mentioned two - one being a rear turreted German heavy that got its armour nerfed already, and the other being a tier 10 medium tank that has only 220 penetration. 1 extra tier 10 is always good when Clan Wars come around. 

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