Saturday, 6 April 2013

World of tanks 8.5 Soviet tier 10 tank - Object 907

So, the Object 907 is finally revealed to the wider public.

Armour wise the pancake tank as its starting to get known, isn't that bad - the UFP is very well sloped, better than on the T62A for sure. The turret however is lacking - thickest parts are 228 mm which might not be enough to keep the tank safe. The tank has 2000 hit points and it looks juuust a bit more maneuverable than the T62A. Not much, just a tiny bit. Whether thats true remains to be seen.

However, its not all a bed of roses. The gun is the same as in the T62A - the 100mm D-54TS. HOWEVER, the Object 907 has no APCR ammo - its has to use normal AP. That leaves you with barely 219 penetration - same as the T54. Needless to say that's not enough for the tank to be an effective tier 10. Aim time and accuracy are a bit lower too. I'm not sure if its a mistake - the other two T-10s the VK7201 and the M60 Patton both have proper tier 10 guns. If its not the tank will be at a a disadvantage in Random fights, though it might be used as a T62A replacement in Clan wars when the T62s are locked.

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