Friday, 12 April 2013

First glimpses of 8.6 artillery

Patch 8.5 is not yet out and stuff about 8.6 is already coming out. 
As you folks already know - 8.6 will be the batch to fix expanding it to tier 10

First we have a new Batchat 155...that seems to be designed with a Patton hull? Not sure - gotta check that.

Now this one seems to be the SU 8's big brother...and something tells me this is the T35 chassis.

Aaaand finally, a GW tiger...built on a Tiger P hull. Um....okay I guess. Let's hope that's an actual vehicle and not WG recycling models again...Oh silly me of course its WG recycling models again!

Anyway, ranting aside, the arty expansion was long overdue. There has to be at least one more vehicle per arty line, probably on the lower tiers, pushing bigger calibers up in the tiers. Not sure of that, its just a hint.

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