Saturday, 6 April 2013

World of tanks 8.5 VK7201 K Faillowe current stats and armour schematic.

I said it in the previous post and it turns out true - the VK7201 Fail Lowe was not so fail as expected.

The front got its armour nerfed - The UFP and LFP lost 40mm and the turret and mantlet another 40mm each. Alas, that means the VK7201 won't be the tank to bring Armour back to the german tech tree. Right now its on the level of the Maus, which as we know - can barely survive the modern guns and prem shells flying around. Damn shame but such is life.

At least otherwise the new Lowe seems untouched - 2500 HP, and the modules have the same stats as before. Its unlikely it will get its armor back. At any rate its still going to be a semi decent (if outright ugly) tank for random games. Its just that the extra Armour would have made it good for CW too.


  1. RoF is too low, plus it's too ugly

    1. Actually, you are right, I just noticed RoF is a bit lower than on the wasn't not so long ago. Hmmm...