Friday, 5 April 2013

World of tanks patch 8.6 A33 Excelsior - more information.

Called it! In the previous post I said the A33 will likely see the light of day in 8.6 and that it will most likely be a tier 5 Premium tank for the British line. What do ya know - it will be!

The A33 is listed as tier 5 Prem Heavy, at 1500 gold. The hull is fairly well armoured - 114 turret front, 114 hull front. The tank lacks a gun shield though, a common problem of the Cromwell from which it is derived. Still, the 114mm armour at a slight angle and distance will be hard to chew through for most tier 5 guns - the 75mm, 57mm especially. 76mm and 85mm will be able to with less of a hurdle.

The gun however is the 75mm mk V, with barely 91mm penetration. the RoF is impressive - allmost 17 shots but that still leaves the tank undergunned. Gun depression is very impressive - 13 +20. Basically that means the A33 will be best used with terrain. High ground will give you the slope your designers forgot, and deny it to your foes. Pack some prem shells, and you are good to go.


  1. IMO the A33 is the same as T-14
    I wont get this tank, as i already have RAM-II and type 59, and when 8.5 come out i think i'll get a Sexton
    <- my broken english :D